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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Artist

The Artist

Release Date: 2011-10-08 (9 years ago)
Jean Dujardin
George Valentin
Jean Dujardin was:
Bérénice Bejo
Peppy Miller
Bérénice Bejo was:
John Goodman
Al Zimmer
John Goodman was:
James Cromwell
James Cromwell was:
Penelope Ann Miller
Penelope Ann Miller was:
Missi Pyle
Missi Pyle was:
Beth Grant
Peppy's Maid
Beth Grant was:
Ed Lauter
Peppy's Butler
Ed Lauter was:
Joel Murray
Policeman Fire
Joel Murray was:
Elizabeth Tulloch
Elizabeth Tulloch was:
Ken Davitian
Ken Davitian was:
Malcolm McDowell
The Butler
Malcolm McDowell was:
Basil Hoffman
Basil Hoffman was:
Bill Fagerbakke
Policeman Tuxedo
Bill Fagerbakke was:
Nina Siemaszko
Admiring Woman
Nina Siemaszko was:
Stephen Mendillo
Set Assistant
Stephen Mendillo was:
Dash Pomerantz
Peppy's Boyfriend
Dash Pomerantz was:
Beau Nelson
Peppy's Boyfriend
Beau Nelson was:
Alex Holliday
Alex Holliday was:
Wiley M. Pickett
Wiley M. Pickett was:
Ben Kurland
Audition Casting Assistant
Ben Kurland was:
Katie Nisa
Audition Dancer
Katie Nisa was:
Katie Wallack
Audition Dancer
Katie Wallack was:
Hal Landon Jr.
Hal Landon Jr. was:
Cleto Augusto
Set Technician
Cleto Augusto was:
Sarah Karges
Laughing Dancer
Sarah Karges was:
Sarah Scott
Laughing Dancer
Sarah Scott was:
Ezra Buzzington
Ezra Buzzington was:
Stuart Pankin
Director #1 (Restaurant)
Stuart Pankin was:
Andy Milder
Director #2
Andy Milder was:
Bob Glouberman
Director #3 (Finale)
Bob Glouberman was:
David Allen Cluck
Assistant Director (Finale)
David Allen Cluck was:
Matt Skollar
Peppy's Assistant
Matt Skollar was:
Annie O'Donnell
Woman with Policeman
Annie O'Donnell was:
Patrick Mapel
Assistant with Newspaper
Patrick Mapel was:
Matthew Albrecht
Tennis Player
Matthew Albrecht was:
Harvey J. Alperin
Harvey J. Alperin was:
Lily Knight
Nurse at Peppy's House
Lily Knight was:
Clement Blake
Clement Blake was:
Tasso Feldman
Zimmer's Assistant
Tasso Feldman was:
Christopher Ashe
Zimmer's Assistant
Christopher Ashe was:
Adria Tennor
Zimmer's Assistant
Adria Tennor was:
Cletus Young
Cletus Young was:
J. Mark Donaldson
Thug #1
J. Mark Donaldson was:
Brian J. Williams
Thug #2
Brian J. Williams was:
Jen Lilley
Jen Lilley was:
Brian Chenoweth
Brian Chenoweth was:
Tim DeZarn
Tim DeZarn was:
Robert Amico
The Waiter (uncredited)
Robert Amico was:
Todd Bittner
Surprised Cameraman (uncredited)
Todd Bittner was:
Bill Blair
Studio Engineer (uncredited)
Bill Blair was:
Teri Bocko
Laughing Dancer (uncredited)
Teri Bocko was:
Amanda Chism
Make-Up Artist (uncredited)
Amanda Chism was:
Brendan Connolly
Studio Executive (uncredited)
Brendan Connolly was:
Vincent De Paul
Restaurant Manager (uncredited)
Vincent De Paul was:
Calvin Dean
Mr. Sauveur (uncredited)
Calvin Dean was:
Mohamed Dione
African (uncredited)
Mohamed Dione was:
Jennifer Kaye Evans
Studio Film Star (uncredited)
Jennifer Kaye Evans was:
Josephine Ganner
1930's Studio Actress (uncredited)
Josephine Ganner was:
Victor Holstein
Grip (uncredited)
Victor Holstein was:
Jennifer Ingrum
Charleston Dancer (uncredited)
Jennifer Ingrum was:
Sergio Kato
Actor (uncredited)
Sergio Kato was:
Kevin Ketcham
Film Crew Member (uncredited)
Kevin Ketcham was:
Carmen Kirby
Fan (uncredited)
Carmen Kirby was:
Michael Laren
Michel (uncredited)
Michael Laren was:
Jillana Laufer
Silent Film Star (uncredited)
Jillana Laufer was:
Sonya Macari
Autograph Girl (uncredited)
Sonya Macari was:
Josh Margulies
Film Clapper #1 (uncredited)
Josh Margulies was:
Julie Minasian
Make-up Artist 1 (uncredited)
Julie Minasian was:
Rene Napoli
Studio Executive (uncredited)
Rene Napoli was:
Niko Novick
Producer (uncredited)
Niko Novick was:
Geoff Pilkington
Sound Technician (uncredited)
Geoff Pilkington was:
Randee Reicher
Make-up Artist 2 (uncredited)
Randee Reicher was:
Andrew Schlessinger
1920s Lighting Technician (uncredited)
Andrew Schlessinger was:
Frank Scozzari
Man in Restaurant (uncredited)
Frank Scozzari was:
Jewel Shepard
Flapper Starlet (uncredited)
Jewel Shepard was:
John H. Tobin
Violinist in Ballroom (uncredited)
John H. Tobin was:
Josh Woodle
Man in Bed with Peppy (uncredited)
Josh Woodle was:
Kristian Falkenstein
Un acteur dans "La Brunette"
Kristian Falkenstein was:
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