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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth

Release Date: 1991-04-28 (30 years ago)
Bonnie Bedelia
Regina Twigg
Bonnie Bedelia was:
Brian Kerwin
Robert Mays
Brian Kerwin was:
John M. Jackson
Ernest Twigg
John M. Jackson was:
Eve Gordon
Eve Gordon was:
Judith Hoag
Barbara Mays
Judith Hoag was:
Alyson Hannigan
Gina Twigg, Age 13–16
Alyson Hannigan was:
Caroline McWilliams
Lois Morehead
Caroline McWilliams was:
Lois Smith
Lois Smith was:
Kelli Williams
Kelli Williams was:
Ariana Richards
Kimberly Mays, Age 9-11
Ariana Richards was:
Erika Flores
Arlena Twigg, Age 9-11
Erika Flores was:
Edward Asner
Ted Marx
Edward Asner was:
Beth Grant
Beth Grant was:
Rance Howard
Frank Hill
Rance Howard was:
Vivian Bonnell
Nurse Ford
Vivian Bonnell was:
Jacqueline Scott
Ruth Mays
Jacqueline Scott was:
Andrew Magarian
Steven Tate
Andrew Magarian was:
Luana Anders
Nurse Ames
Luana Anders was:
John Wesley
Lester Dodge, P.I.
John Wesley was:
Kay Cole
Dr. Joynes
Kay Cole was:
Stephanie Shroyer
Mrs. Hampton
Stephanie Shroyer was:
Mario Machado
Philadelphia Anchor
Mario Machado was:
Joseph Whipp
Dr. Peter Ter Horst
Joseph Whipp was:
Lois de Banzie
Dr. Kite
Lois de Banzie was:
Hal Smith
Apartment Manager
Hal Smith was:
Thomas H. Middleton
Bob Mays Sr.
Thomas H. Middleton was:
Herb Mitchell
Dr. Marvin Cook
Herb Mitchell was:
Miguel Sandoval
Dr. Benito Rojas
Miguel Sandoval was:
Kristine Elizabeth Smith
Normia Twigg, Age 15-18
Kristine Elizabeth Smith was:
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Dr. Purchio
Patrick Thomas O'Brien was:
Grant Gelt
Ernie Twigg, Age 11-14
Grant Gelt was:
King Moody
Dr. Zelf
King Moody was:
Ben Slack
Pastor John
Ben Slack was:
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig was:
Elyse Donalson
Produce Clerk
Elyse Donalson was:
Kerry Burke
Wedding Guest
Kerry Burke was:
Matt Feemster
Tommy Twigg, Age 6-9
Matt Feemster was:
Tina Cleveland
Arlena Twigg, Age 6
Tina Cleveland was:
Laurel Ollstein
Pam Gaines
Laurel Ollstein was:
Patricia Allison
School Principal
Patricia Allison was:
Roslyn Kind
Sue, Lab Technician
Roslyn Kind was:
Dale Swann
Dr. Stan Block
Dale Swann was:
LaPorsche Wormley
LaPorsche Wormley was:
Adilah Barnes
Tracy's Mom
Adilah Barnes was:
Ron Tank
Sarasota Anchor
Ron Tank was:
Lindsey Michelle
Irisa Twigg, Age 10-12
Lindsey Michelle was:
Allison Mack
Normia Twigg, Age 6
Allison Mack was:
Michelle Mann
Michelle Mann was:
Richmond Harrison
Process Server
Richmond Harrison was:
Ashlee Buhler
Gina Twigg, Age 4
Ashlee Buhler was:
Patricia Veselich
Miss Lauria
Patricia Veselich was:
Alyson Hannigan
Gina Twigg, Age 13-16
Alyson Hannigan was:
Jamie Openden
Girl #2
Jamie Openden was:
Bethany Richards
Kim Mays, Age 4-6
Bethany Richards was:
Steven A. Hite
Soldier (uncredited)
Steven A. Hite was:
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