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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1994-06-09 (26 years ago)
Keanu Reeves
Jack Traven
Keanu Reeves was:
Sandra Bullock
Annie Porter
Sandra Bullock was:
Dennis Hopper
Howard Payne
Dennis Hopper was:
Jeff Daniels
Harold 'Harry' Temple
Jeff Daniels was:
Jordan Lund
Jordan Lund was:
Joe Morton
Capt. McMahon
Joe Morton was:
Alan Ruck
Alan Ruck was:
Richard Lineback
Richard Lineback was:
Glenn Plummer
Jaguar Owner
Glenn Plummer was:
Beth Grant
Beth Grant was:
Hawthorne James
Hawthorne James was:
Carlos Carrasco
Carlos Carrasco was:
David Kriegel
David Kriegel was:
Natsuko Ohama
Mrs. Kamino
Natsuko Ohama was:
Simone Gad
Bus Passenger #1
Simone Gad was:
Loretta Jean
Bus Passenger #2
Loretta Jean was:
Sherri Villanueva
Bus Passenger #3
Sherri Villanueva was:
Margaret Medina
Margaret Medina was:
Robert Mailhouse
Young Executive
Robert Mailhouse was:
Patrick Fischler
Friend of Executive
Patrick Fischler was:
Patrick John Hurley
Patrick John Hurley was:
Susan Barnes
Female Executive
Susan Barnes was:
Rick Dano
S.W.A.T. Driver
Rick Dano was:
Michael Sottile
S.W.A.T. Cop
Michael Sottile was:
Jane Crawley
Baby Carriage Woman #1
Jane Crawley was:
Anne O'Sullivan
Baby Carriage Woman #2
Anne O'Sullivan was:
Beau Starr
Beau Starr was:
John Capodice
John Capodice was:
Thomas Rosales Jr.
Thomas Rosales Jr. was:
James DuMont
James DuMont was:
Antonio Mora
News Anchor #1
Antonio Mora was:
Patty Toy
News Anchor #2
Patty Toy was:
Todd Gordon
News Cameraman
Todd Gordon was:
Bruce Wright
Reporter #1
Bruce Wright was:
Mark Kriski
Reporter #2
Mark Kriski was:
Dagny Hultgreen
Reporter #3
Dagny Hultgreen was:
Richard Schiff
Train Driver
Richard Schiff was:
Joseph Carberry
Joseph Carberry was:
Sandy Martin
Sandy Martin was:
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
Mrs. McMahon
Neisha Folkes-LeMelle was:
Jim Mapp
Additional Bus Passenger #1
Jim Mapp was:
Milton Quon
Additional Bus Passenger #2
Milton Quon was:
Sonia Jackson
Additional Bus Passenger #3
Sonia Jackson was:
Carmen Williams
Additional Bus Passenger #4
Carmen Williams was:
Paula Montes
Additional Bus Passenger #5
Paula Montes was:
Loyda Ramos
Additional Bus Passenger #6
Loyda Ramos was:
Julia Vera
Additional Bus Passenger #7
Julia Vera was:
Marylou Lim
Additional Bus Passenger #8
Marylou Lim was:
Brian K. Grant
Elevator Passenger #1
Brian K. Grant was:
Barry Kramer
Elevator Passenger #2
Barry Kramer was:
Robin McKee
Elevator Passenger #3
Robin McKee was:
Paige Goodman
Elevator Passenger #4
Paige Goodman was:
Christina Fitzgerald
Elevator Passenger #5
Christina Fitzgerald was:
Tara Thomas
Elevator Passenger #6
Tara Thomas was:
Cece Tsou
Elevator Passenger #7
Cece Tsou was:
Michael N. Fujimoto
Elevator Passenger #8
Michael N. Fujimoto was:
Richard Gelb
Elevator Passenger #9
Richard Gelb was:
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal was:
Veronica Cartwright
Bag Lady
Veronica Cartwright was:
Scott Wilder
S.W.A.T. Officer #1 on Flatbed Truck (uncredited)
Scott Wilder was:
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