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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Southland Tales

Southland Tales

Release Date: 2006-05-15 (14 years ago)
Dwayne Johnson
Boxer Santaros
Dwayne Johnson was:
Seann William Scott
Roland Taverner
Seann William Scott was:
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Krysta Now
Sarah Michelle Gellar was:
Mandy Moore
Madeline Frost-Santaros
Mandy Moore was:
Will Sasso
Fortunio Balducci
Will Sasso was:
Jon Lovitz
Bart Bookman
Jon Lovitz was:
Beth Grant
Dr. Inga Von Westphalen
Beth Grant was:
Jill Ritchie
Shoshana Kapowski
Jill Ritchie was:
Justin Timberlake
Private Pilot Abilene
Justin Timberlake was:
Bai Ling
Bai Ling was:
Lisa K. Wyatt
Teri Riley
Lisa K. Wyatt was:
Curtis Armstrong
Dr. Soberin Exx
Curtis Armstrong was:
Todd Berger
Bing Zinneman
Todd Berger was:
Rebekah Del Rio
Vanessa Vera Cruz
Rebekah Del Rio was:
Nora Dunn
Cyndi Pinziki
Nora Dunn was:
Christopher Lambert
Walter Mung
Christopher Lambert was:
John Larroquette
Vaughn Smallhouse
John Larroquette was:
Janeane Garofalo
General Teena MacArthur
Janeane Garofalo was:
Abbey DiGregorio
Sheena Gee
Abbey DiGregorio was:
Cheri Oteri
Zora Charmichaels
Cheri Oteri was:
Amy Poehler
Veronica Mung / Dream
Amy Poehler was:
Miranda Richardson
Nana Mae Frost
Miranda Richardson was:
Wallace Shawn
Baron Von Westphalen
Wallace Shawn was:
Sab Shimono
Hideo Takehashi
Sab Shimono was:
Kevin Smith
Simon Theory
Kevin Smith was:
Robert Benz
Tab Taverner
Robert Benz was:
Joe Campana
Brandt Huntington
Joe Campana was:
Chris Andrew Ciulla
UPU 4 Officer 3
Chris Andrew Ciulla was:
Aaron Dillar
Jimmy Hermosa
Aaron Dillar was:
Shari Dunn
USI Dent Reporter
Shari Dunn was:
Michele Durrett
Starla Von Luft
Michele Durrett was:
Jon Falcone
Soldier Falcon
Jon Falcone was:
Jaret Gardiner
Shane Laverne
Jaret Gardiner was:
Wood Harris
Dion Element
Wood Harris was:
Shannon Lee Holmes
Todd Zinneman
Shannon Lee Holmes was:
Katherine Kendall
Megazeppelin Waitress
Katherine Kendall was:
Jinah Kim
Dr. Linda Lao
Jinah Kim was:
Gianna Luchini
Deena Storm
Gianna Luchini was:
Mike Nielsen
Kenny Chan
Mike Nielsen was:
Holmes Osborne
Senator Bobby Frost
Holmes Osborne was:
Lou Taylor Pucci
Martin Kefauver
Lou Taylor Pucci was:
Kevin Robertson
Seamus Storm
Kevin Robertson was:
Zelda Rubinstein
Dr. Katarina Kuntzler
Zelda Rubinstein was:
Philip Sternberg
Dennis Voogler
Philip Sternberg was:
Sarah Christine Smith
Dancer #1
Sarah Christine Smith was:
Nicole Sciacca
Dancer #2
Nicole Sciacca was:
Aliane Baquerot
Dancer #3
Aliane Baquerot was:
Becca Sweitzer
Dancer #4
Becca Sweitzer was:
Chi Johnson
Dancer #5
Chi Johnson was:
Jenna Stewart
Dancer #6
Jenna Stewart was:
Rachael Markarian
Dancer #7
Rachael Markarian was:
Marcy McCusker
Dancer #8
Marcy McCusker was:
Dave Carlin
News Reporter
Dave Carlin was:
Katarina Hyde
Isabella / Interpreter
Katarina Hyde was:
Sharon Jordan
Sharon Jordan was:
Sean LoGrasso
US Ident Worker
Sean LoGrasso was:
Paulah May
Hysterical Passenger
Paulah May was:
Matt McColm
Bar Bouncer
Matt McColm was:
John T. O'Brien
SWAT Team Officer
John T. O'Brien was:
Philip Roosevelt
Homeless Terrorist
Philip Roosevelt was:
Eli Roth
Man who gets Shot on Toilet
Eli Roth was:
Gary Sievers
Homeless Terrorist
Gary Sievers was:
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