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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Rock Star

Rock Star

Release Date: 2001-09-04 (19 years ago)
Mark Wahlberg
Chris 'Izzy' Cole
Mark Wahlberg was:
Jennifer Aniston
Emily Poule
Jennifer Aniston was:
Dominic West
Kirk Cuddy
Dominic West was:
Jason Bonham
Jason Bonham was:
Jeff Pilson
Jeff Pilson was:
Zakk Wylde
Zakk Wylde was:
Timothy Spall
Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager
Timothy Spall was:
Blas Elias
Donny Johnson
Blas Elias was:
Nick Catanese
Xander Cummins
Nick Catanese was:
Brian Vander Ark
Ricki Bell
Brian Vander Ark was:
Timothy Olyphant
Rob Malcolm
Timothy Olyphant was:
Dagmara Domińczyk
Tania Asher, Steel Dragon PR
Dagmara Domińczyk was:
Matthew Glave
Joe Cole
Matthew Glave was:
Michael Shamus Wiles
Mr. Cole
Michael Shamus Wiles was:
Beth Grant
Mrs. Cole
Beth Grant was:
Jason Flemyng
Bobby Beers
Jason Flemyng was:
Gia Franzia
Bar Patron
Gia Franzia was:
Carey Lessard
Carey Lessard was:
Kristin Richardson
Kristin Richardson was:
Jamie Williams
Mason Bell
Jamie Williams was:
Keith Loneker
Roadie #1
Keith Loneker was:
Sami Reed
Sami Reed was:
Kara Zediker
Kara Zediker was:
Stephan Jenkins
Stephan Jenkins was:
Vitamin C
Guitarist in Crowd Outside Mansion
Vitamin C was:
Kevin Ryder
Cream Reporter
Kevin Ryder was:
Gene Baxter
Melody-Maker Reporter
Gene Baxter was:
Gregory Hinton
Gregory Hinton was:
Sonya Stephens
Sonya Stephens was:
Neil Zlozower
Neil Zlozower was:
Kirk Enochs
Fan #1
Kirk Enochs was:
Myles Kennedy
Myles Kennedy was:
Rachel Hunter
A.C.'s Wife
Rachel Hunter was:
Heidi Mark
Kirk's Wife
Heidi Mark was:
Carrie Stevens
Ghode's Wife
Carrie Stevens was:
Amy Miller
Jorgen's Wife
Amy Miller was:
Lorna Scott
Mrs. Andrews
Lorna Scott was:
Ralph Saenz
Auditioning Singer
Ralph Saenz was:
Jennifer Rovero
Topless Cutie #1
Jennifer Rovero was:
Natalie Raynes
Topless Cutie #2
Natalie Raynes was:
Jamal Weathers
Jamal Weathers was:
Hailie Brennand
Two-Year Old Girl
Hailie Brennand was:
Eric Weinstein
Roadie #2
Eric Weinstein was:
Jamie White
MTV Veejay
Jamie White was:
Jeffrey Wetzel
Metal Head
Jeffrey Wetzel was:
Frederick E. Kowalo
Guitar Tech
Frederick E. Kowalo was:
Jennifer Uilani Warren
Girl with P-Pass
Jennifer Uilani Warren was:
Chad Azadan
Roxy Dancer
Chad Azadan was:
Linda Cevallos
Roxy Dancer
Linda Cevallos was:
Jennifer Edmond
Roxy Dancer
Jennifer Edmond was:
Brian Friedman
Roxy Dancer
Brian Friedman was:
Cynthia Fuhrer
Roxy Dancer
Cynthia Fuhrer was:
Cati Jean
Roxy Dancer
Cati Jean was:
Edward Jenkins
Roxy Dancer
Edward Jenkins was:
Kelly Knox
Roxy Dancer
Kelly Knox was:
Tabbatha Mays
Roxy Dancer
Tabbatha Mays was:
Udee McGeoy
Roxy Dancer
Udee McGeoy was:
Ted Napolitano
Roxy Dancer
Ted Napolitano was:
Tomasina Parrott
Roxy Dancer
Tomasina Parrott was:
Gabriel Ramírez
Roxy Dancer
Gabriel Ramírez was:
Ursula Whittaker
Roxy Dancer
Ursula Whittaker was:
Zachary Woodlee
Roxy Dancer
Zachary Woodlee was:
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