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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Rain Man

Rain Man

Release Date: 1988-12-11 (32 years ago)
Dustin Hoffman
Raymond Babbitt
Dustin Hoffman was:
Tom Cruise
Charlie Babbitt
Tom Cruise was:
Valeria Golino
Valeria Golino was:
Gerald R. Molen
Dr. Bruner
Gerald R. Molen was:
Jack Murdock
John Mooney
Jack Murdock was:
Michael D. Roberts
Michael D. Roberts was:
Ralph Seymour
Ralph Seymour was:
Lucinda Jenney
Lucinda Jenney was:
Bonnie Hunt
Sally Dibbs
Bonnie Hunt was:
Kim Robillard
Township Doctor
Kim Robillard was:
Beth Grant
Mother at Farm House
Beth Grant was:
Dolan Dougherty
Farm Kid#1
Dolan Dougherty was:
Marshall Dougherty
Farm Kid#2
Marshall Dougherty was:
Patrick Dougherty
Farm Kid#3
Patrick Dougherty was:
Peter Dougherty
Farm Kid#5
Peter Dougherty was:
Andrew Dougherty
Farm Kid#6
Andrew Dougherty was:
Loretta Wendt Jolivette
Secretary Dr. Bruner
Loretta Wendt Jolivette was:
Donald E. Jones
Minister at Funeral
Donald E. Jones was:
Bryon P. Caunar
Patient in Waiting Room
Bryon P. Caunar was:
Donna J. Dickson
Donna J. Dickson was:
Ralph Tabakin
Shift Boss
Ralph Tabakin was:
Ray Baker
Mr. Kelso
Ray Baker was:
Jake Hoffman
Boy at Pancake Counter
Jake Hoffman was:
Royce D. Applegate
Royce D. Applegate was:
Anna Mathias
Anna Mathias was:
Archie Hahn
Archie Hahn was:
Luisa Leschin
Luisa Leschin was:
Ira Miller
Ira Miller was:
Chris Mulkey
Chris Mulkey was:
Julie Payne
Julie Payne was:
Reni Santoni
Reni Santoni was:
Ruth Silveira
Ruth Silveira was:
Jonathan Stark
Jonathan Stark was:
Lynne Marie Stewart
Lynne Marie Stewart was:
Arnold F. Turner
Arnold F. Turner was:
Gigi Vorgan
Gigi Vorgan was:
Barry Levinson
Doctor (uncredited)
Barry Levinson was:
Mark Winn
Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Mark Winn was:
June Christopher
June Christopher was:
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