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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Release Date: 2001-05-21 (19 years ago)
Ben Affleck
Rafe McCawley
Ben Affleck was:
Jon Voight
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Jon Voight was:
Tom Sizemore
Earl Sistern
Tom Sizemore was:
Kate Beckinsale
Evelyn Johnson
Kate Beckinsale was:
Josh Hartnett
Danny Walker
Josh Hartnett was:
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Doris Miller
Cuba Gooding Jr. was:
Alec Baldwin
James Doolittle
Alec Baldwin was:
William Lee Scott
Billy Thompson
William Lee Scott was:
Ewen Bremner
Red Winkle
Ewen Bremner was:
Greg Zola
Anthony Fusco
Greg Zola was:
Jaime King
Betty Bayer
Jaime King was:
Catherine Kellner
Catherine Kellner was:
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner was:
Sara Rue
Sara Rue was:
Michael Shannon
Gooz Wood
Michael Shannon was:
Dan Aykroyd
Captain Thurman
Dan Aykroyd was:
Colm Feore
Admiral Kimmel
Colm Feore was:
Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto
Mako was:
John Fujioka
John Fujioka was:
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Cmdr. Minoru Genda
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was:
Jesse James
Young Rafe
Jesse James was:
Reiley McClendon
Young Danny
Reiley McClendon was:
William Fichtner
Danny's Father
William Fichtner was:
Steve Rankin
Rafe's Father
Steve Rankin was:
Brian Haley
Training Captain
Brian Haley was:
Graham Beckel
Adm. Chester W. Nimitz
Graham Beckel was:
Viv Weatherall
British Pilot
Viv Weatherall was:
Angel Sing
Japanese Aide
Angel Sing was:
Rufus Dorsey
Dorie's Friend
Rufus Dorsey was:
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis was:
David Hornsby
Flyer with Murmur
David Hornsby was:
Scott Wilson
George Marshall
Scott Wilson was:
Howard Mungo
Howard Mungo was:
Randy Oglesby
Strategic Analyst
Randy Oglesby was:
Ping Wu
Japanese Officer
Ping Wu was:
Stan Cahill
Pentagon Lieutenant
Stan Cahill was:
Tom Everett
Frank Knox
Tom Everett was:
Tomas Arana
Jack Fletcher
Tomas Arana was:
Beth Grant
Motherly Secretary
Beth Grant was:
Sung Kang
Sung Kang was:
Raphael Sbarge
Kimmel's Aide
Raphael Sbarge was:
Marty Belafsky
Marty Belafsky was:
Yuji Okumoto
Japanese Shy Bomber
Yuji Okumoto was:
Josh Green
Josh Green was:
Ian Bohen
Radar Operator #2
Ian Bohen was:
Michael Milhoan
Army Commander
Michael Milhoan was:
Peter Firth
Mervyn Bennion
Peter Firth was:
Marco Gould
Pop-Up Sailor
Marco Gould was:
Andrew Bryniarski
Boxer Joe
Andrew Bryniarski was:
Nicholas Downs
Terrified Sailor
Nicholas Downs was:
Tim Choate
Navy Doctor
Tim Choate was:
John Diehl
Senior Doctor
John Diehl was:
Joseph Patrick Kelly
Joseph Patrick Kelly was:
Ron Harper
Ron Harper was:
Ted McGinley
Army Major
Ted McGinley was:
Madison Mason
Raymond Spruance
Madison Mason was:
Kim Coates
Jack Richards
Kim Coates was:
Glenn Morshower
William Halsey Jr.
Glenn Morshower was:
Paul Francis
Doolittle Co-Pilot
Paul Francis was:
Scott Wiper
Scott Wiper was:
Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Christian Olsen was:
Rod Biermann
Rod Biermann was:
Noriaki Kamata
Japanese Soldier
Noriaki Kamata was:
Garret Sato
Japanese Soldier
Garret Sato was:
Eiji Inoue
Japanese Soldier
Eiji Inoue was:
Precious Chong
Nursing Supervisor
Precious Chong was:
Jeff Wadlow
Next Guy in Line
Jeff Wadlow was:
Will Gill Jr.
Train Conductor
Will Gill Jr. was:
Seth Sakai
Japanese Tourist
Seth Sakai was:
Curtis Andersen
Eighteen-Year-Old Typist
Curtis Andersen was:
Blaine Pate
Orderly in Aftermath
Blaine Pate was:
John Pyper-Ferguson
Naval Officer in Hospital
John Pyper-Ferguson was:
Michael Shamus Wiles
Marc Mitscher
Michael Shamus Wiles was:
Toru Tanaka Jr.
Samoan Bouncer
Toru Tanaka Jr. was:
Sean Gunn
Traction Sailor
Sean Gunn was:
Josh Ackerman
Wounded Sailor #1
Josh Ackerman was:
Matt Casper
Wounded Sailor
Matt Casper was:
David Kaufman
Young Nervous Doctor
David Kaufman was:
Lindsey Ginter
Captain Low
Lindsey Ginter was:
Guy Torry
Teeny Mayfield
Guy Torry was:
Leland Orser
Major Jackson
Leland Orser was:
Peter James Smith
Mission listener
Peter James Smith was:
Pat Healy
Newsreel Guy
Pat Healy was:
Thomas Wilson Brown
Young Flier
Thomas Wilson Brown was:
Chad Morgan
Chad Morgan was:
James Saito
Japanese Aide
James Saito was:
Tak Kubota
Japanese Aide
Tak Kubota was:
Robert Jayne
Sunburnt Sailor
Robert Jayne was:
Vic Chao
Japanese Doctor
Vic Chao was:
Fred Koehler
Wounded Sailor
Fred Koehler was:
Ben Easter
Baja Sailor
Ben Easter was:
Cory Tucker
Baja Sailor
Cory Tucker was:
Abe Sylvia
Baja Sailor
Abe Sylvia was:
Jason Liggett
Baja Sailor
Jason Liggett was:
Bret Roberts
Baja Sailor
Bret Roberts was:
Sean Faris
Danny's Gunner
Sean Faris was:
Nicholas Farrell
RAF Squadron Leader
Nicholas Farrell was:
Tony Curran
Tony Curran was:
Daniel Mays
Daniel Mays was:
Toshi Toda
Toshi Toda was:
Jaymee Ong
Dental Assistant
Jaymee Ong was:
Lisa Ross
Nurse (uncredited)
Lisa Ross was:
Max Thayer
Bit Part (uncredited)
Max Thayer was:
Camille Carida
Nurse (uncredited)
Camille Carida was:
Winston Churchill
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Winston Churchill was:
Tanya Dempsey
Nurse (uncredited)
Tanya Dempsey was:
Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) (uncredited)
Adolf Hitler was:
Frieda Jane
Nurse (uncredited)
Frieda Jane was:
Kathleen Mullan
Stearn Nurse (uncredited))
Kathleen Mullan was:
Lin Oeding
Japanese Sailor (uncredited)
Lin Oeding was:
Barbara Scolaro
Josephine Doolittle (uncredited)
Barbara Scolaro was:
Melissa Anne Young
Nurse (uncredited)
Melissa Anne Young was:
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