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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

Release Date: 2007-11-08 (13 years ago)
Tommy Lee Jones
Sheriff Ed Tom Bell
Tommy Lee Jones was:
Javier Bardem
Anton Chigurh
Javier Bardem was:
Josh Brolin
Llewelyn Moss
Josh Brolin was:
Woody Harrelson
Carson Wells
Woody Harrelson was:
Kelly Macdonald
Carla Jean Moss
Kelly Macdonald was:
Garret Dillahunt
Garret Dillahunt was:
Tess Harper
Loretta Bell
Tess Harper was:
Barry Corbin
Barry Corbin was:
Stephen Root
Man who hires Wells (uncredited)
Stephen Root was:
Rodger Boyce
El Paso Sheriff (uncredited)
Rodger Boyce was:
Beth Grant
Carla Jeans Mother (uncredited)
Beth Grant was:
Ana Reeder
Poolside Woman (uncredited)
Ana Reeder was:
Kit Gwin
Sheriff's Secretary (uncredited)
Kit Gwin was:
Zach Hopkins
Strangled Deputy (uncredited)
Zach Hopkins was:
Chip Love
Man in Ford (uncredited)
Chip Love was:
Eduardo Antonio Garcia
'Agua' Man (uncredited)
Eduardo Antonio Garcia was:
Gene Jones
Thomas Thayer (uncredited)
Gene Jones was:
Myk Watford
'Managerial' Victim (uncredited)
Myk Watford was:
Boots Southerland
'Managerial' Victim (uncredited)
Boots Southerland was:
Kathy Lamkin
Desert Aire Manager (uncredited)
Kathy Lamkin was:
Johnnie Hector
Cabbie at Bus Station (uncredited)
Johnnie Hector was:
Margaret Bowman
Del Rio Motel Clerk (uncredited)
Margaret Bowman was:
Thomas Kopache
Boot Salesman (uncredited)
Thomas Kopache was:
Jason Douglas
Cabbie at Motel (uncredited)
Jason Douglas was:
Doris Hargrave
Waitress (uncredited)
Doris Hargrave was:
Rutherford Cravens
Gun Store Clerk (uncredited)
Rutherford Cravens was:
Matthew Posey
Sporting Goods Clerk (uncredited)
Matthew Posey was:
George Adelo
Mexican in Bathtub (uncredited)
George Adelo was:
Mathew Greer
Hitchhiking Driver (uncredited)
Mathew Greer was:
Trent Moore
Nervous Accountant (uncredited)
Trent Moore was:
Marc Miles
Hotel Eagle Clerk (uncredited)
Marc Miles was:
Luce Rains
Pickup Driver (uncredited)
Luce Rains was:
Philip Bentham
Border Bridge Youth (uncredited)
Philip Bentham was:
Eric Reeves
Border Bridge Youth (uncredited)
Eric Reeves was:
Josh Meyer
Border Bridge Youth (uncredited)
Josh Meyer was:
Chris Warner
Flatbed Driver (uncredited)
Chris Warner was:
Brandon Smith
INS Official (uncredited)
Brandon Smith was:
Roland Uribe
Well Dressed Mexican (uncredited)
Roland Uribe was:
Richard Jackson
Chicken Farmer (uncredited)
Richard Jackson was:
Josh Blaylock
Boy on Bike (uncredited)
Josh Blaylock was:
Caleb Landry Jones
Boy on Bike (uncredited)
Caleb Landry Jones was:
Dorsey Ray
Odessa Cabbie (uncredited)
Dorsey Ray was:
Angel H. Alvarado Jr.
Norteño Band (uncredited)
Angel H. Alvarado Jr. was:
David A. Gomez
Norteño Band (uncredited)
David A. Gomez was:
Milton Hernandez
Norteño Band (uncredited)
Milton Hernandez was:
John Mancha
Norteño Band (uncredited)
John Mancha was:
Albert Fry Jr.
El Paso Deputy (uncredited)
Albert Fry Jr. was:
Scott Flick
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Scott Flick was:
Elizabeth Slagsvol
Nurse (uncredited)
Elizabeth Slagsvol was:
Angelo Martinez
Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Angelo Martinez was:
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