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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Release Date: 2006-07-26 (14 years ago)
Greg Kinnear
Richard Hoover
Greg Kinnear was:
Toni Collette
Sheryl Hoover
Toni Collette was:
Steve Carell
Frank Ginsberg
Steve Carell was:
Paul Dano
Dwayne Hoover
Paul Dano was:
Abigail Breslin
Olive Hoover
Abigail Breslin was:
Alan Arkin
Edwin Hoover
Alan Arkin was:
Bryan Cranston
Stan Grossman
Bryan Cranston was:
Beth Grant
Nancy Jenkins
Beth Grant was:
Wallace Langham
Wallace Langham was:
Matt Winston
Pageant MC
Matt Winston was:
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Julio Oscar Mechoso was:
Marc Turtletaub
Doctor #1
Marc Turtletaub was:
Jill Talley
Jill Talley was:
Brenda Canela
Diner Waitress
Brenda Canela was:
Chuck Loring
Convience Store Proprietor
Chuck Loring was:
Justin Shilton
Justin Shilton was:
Gordon Thomson
Larry Sugarman
Gordon Thomson was:
Steven Christopher Parker
Teen Boy #1
Steven Christopher Parker was:
John Walcutt
Doctor #2
John Walcutt was:
Paula Newsome
Paula Newsome was:
Dean Norris
State Trooper McCleary
Dean Norris was:
Lauren Shiohama
Miss California
Lauren Shiohama was:
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Pageant Assistant Pam
Mary Lynn Rajskub was:
Jerry Giles
Funeral Home Worker
Jerry Giles was:
Geoff Meed
Biker Dad
Geoff Meed was:
Joan Scheckel
Joan Scheckel was:
Mel Rodriguez
Officer Martinez
Mel Rodriguez was:
Casandra Ashe
Girl in Hallway
Casandra Ashe was:
Terry Bolo
Pageant Worker (uncredited)
Terry Bolo was:
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