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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2016-12-02 (4 years ago)
Natalie Portman
Jackie Kennedy
Natalie Portman was:
Peter Sarsgaard
Robert Kennedy
Peter Sarsgaard was:
Greta Gerwig
Nancy Tuckerman
Greta Gerwig was:
Billy Crudup
The Journalist
Billy Crudup was:
John Hurt
The Priest
John Hurt was:
Richard E. Grant
Bill Walton
Richard E. Grant was:
Caspar Phillipson
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Caspar Phillipson was:
Beth Grant
Lady Bird Johnson
Beth Grant was:
John Carroll Lynch
Lyndon B. Johnson
John Carroll Lynch was:
Max Casella
Jack Valenti
Max Casella was:
Sara Verhagen
Mary Gallagher
Sara Verhagen was:
Hélène Kuhn
Pam Turnure
Hélène Kuhn was:
Deborah Findlay
Maud Shaw
Deborah Findlay was:
Corey Johnson
Larry O'Brien
Corey Johnson was:
Aidan O'Hare
Ken O' Donnell
Aidan O'Hare was:
Ralph Brown
Dave Powers
Ralph Brown was:
David Caves
Clint Hill
David Caves was:
Penny Downie
Janet Lee
Penny Downie was:
Georgie Glen
Rose Kennedy
Georgie Glen was:
Julie Judd
Ethel Kennedy
Julie Judd was:
Peter Hudson
Admiral George Burkley
Peter Hudson was:
John Paval
Dr. John Walsh
John Paval was:
Bill Dunn
Father John Kuhn
Bill Dunn was:
Vivienne Vernes
Judge Hugues
Vivienne Vernes was:
Craig Sechler
Governor Connally
Craig Sechler was:
Rebecca Compton
Nellie Connally
Rebecca Compton was:
Bryan Ashby
Reporter Love Field
Bryan Ashby was:
David DeBoy
John Metzler
David DeBoy was:
Stéphane Höhn
Charles Collingwood
Stéphane Höhn was:
Serge Onteniente
Charles de Gaulle
Serge Onteniente was:
Sunnie Pelant
Caroline Kennedy
Sunnie Pelant was:
Aiden Weinberg
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Aiden Weinberg was:
Brody Weinberg
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Brody Weinberg was:
Roland Pidoux
Pablo Casals
Roland Pidoux was:
Emmanuel Herault
Robert McNamara
Emmanuel Herault was:
William Beaux d'Albenas
Hugh Auchincloss
William Beaux d'Albenas was:
Nicolas Guigou
James Auchincloss
Nicolas Guigou was:
David Friszman
Jack Brooks
David Friszman was:
Chloé Berthier
Toni Bradlee
Chloé Berthier was:
Eric Soubelet
Benjamin Bradlee
Eric Soubelet was:
Gaspard Koenig
Ted Kennedy
Gaspard Koenig was:
Mathilde Ripley
Joan Bennett Kennedy
Mathilde Ripley was:
Barbara Foliot
Pat Kennedy
Barbara Foliot was:
Albain Venzo
Peter Lawford
Albain Venzo was:
Frédérique Adler
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Frédérique Adler was:
Patrick Hamel
Sargent Shriver
Patrick Hamel was:
Benjamin Loeh
Kennedy Family Member
Benjamin Loeh was:
Jeff Moore
Secret Service Agent
Jeff Moore was:
Marla Aaron Wapner
Dallas Kennedy Fan
Marla Aaron Wapner was:
Nathan Ferguson
Kennedy Family
Nathan Ferguson was:
Lindsay Dyan Epp
Lindsay Dyan Epp was:
Yann Bean
Air Force Officer
Yann Bean was:
Eric Supensky
Sargeant Shiver
Eric Supensky was:
John Mitchell
Dallas Police Officer
John Mitchell was:
Alejandro Chamorro
General McHugh
Alejandro Chamorro was:
Neil McNeil
Secret Service Agent
Neil McNeil was:
Dan Mendel
Dan Mendel was:
Don Whatley
Secret Service Limo Driver
Don Whatley was:
Stephanie Cookie Carson
Stephanie Cookie Carson was:
Chaz Riddle
Chaz Riddle was:
Sarah Middlemiss
Sarah Middlemiss was:
Kahil Dotay
Airport Worker #1
Kahil Dotay was:
Philip Greene
JFK Fan / Photographer
Philip Greene was:
Loretta Burnette
Loretta Burnette was:
George Kardulias
Mourner with 8mm Movie Camera
George Kardulias was:
Kayla Anderson
Mourner / Townsperson
Kayla Anderson was:
Chrisdine King
Joan Kennedy
Chrisdine King was:
Grégoire Foessel
Death Watch Guard
Grégoire Foessel was:
Denise Basile
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
Denise Basile was:
Stephen L. Kolb
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Iakovos
Stephen L. Kolb was:
Rick Burk
Secret Service Agent
Rick Burk was:
Jay Bush II
General Earle Wheeler
Jay Bush II was:
Robert E Thompson
Dallas Reporter
Robert E Thompson was:
Dawn Lucajko
Kennedy family mourner
Dawn Lucajko was:
Richard Allen Cramer
Mourner (uncredited)
Richard Allen Cramer was:
Maya Nalli
Maya Nalli was:
Michael Garvey
News Journalist (uncredited)
Michael Garvey was:
Ken Starcevic
Ambulance Driver
Ken Starcevic was:
Ian McCleary
Reporter #2
Ian McCleary was:
Justin Schweiger
Secret Service #1
Justin Schweiger was:
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