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Release Date: 1990-08-10 (30 years ago)
Kiefer Sutherland
Kiefer Sutherland was:
Julia Roberts
Rachel Mannus
Julia Roberts was:
Kevin Bacon
David Labraccio
Kevin Bacon was:
William Baldwin
Joe Hurley
William Baldwin was:
Oliver Platt
Randy Steckle
Oliver Platt was:
Kimberly Scott
Winnie Hicks
Kimberly Scott was:
Joshua Rudoy
Billy Mahoney
Joshua Rudoy was:
Benjamin Mouton
Rachel's Father
Benjamin Mouton was:
Aeryk Egan
Young Nelson
Aeryk Egan was:
Kesha Reed
Young Winnie
Kesha Reed was:
Hope Davis
Anne Coldren
Hope Davis was:
Jim Ortlieb
Uncle Dave
Jim Ortlieb was:
John Duda
Young David
John Duda was:
Megan Stewart
Playground Kid
Megan Stewart was:
Tressa Thomas
Playground Kid
Tressa Thomas was:
Sanna Vraa
Sanna Vraa was:
Beth Grant
Beth Grant was:
Marilyn Dodds Frank
Bag Lady
Marilyn Dodds Frank was:
Patricia Belcher
Patricia Belcher was:
Deborah Thompson Duda
Terry (as Deborah Thompson)
Deborah Thompson Duda was:
Julie Warner
One of Joe's Woman
Julie Warner was:
Gonzo Gonzalez
Playground Kid
Gonzo Gonzalez was:
Afram Bill Williams
Ben Hicks
Afram Bill Williams was:
Elinore O'Connell
Rachel's Mother
Elinore O'Connell was:
Nicole Niblack
Joe's Woman
Nicole Niblack was:
Cynthia Bassham
Joe's Woman
Cynthia Bassham was:
Sarabeth Tucek
Joe's Woman
Sarabeth Tucek was:
Ilona Margolis
Joe's Woman
Ilona Margolis was:
Iilana B'tiste
Joe's Woman
Iilana B'tiste was:
Deborah Torchio
Joe's Woman
Deborah Torchio was:
Deborah Goomas
Joe's Woman
Deborah Goomas was:
Michelle McKee
Joe's Woman
Michelle McKee was:
Nancy Moran
Joe's Woman
Nancy Moran was:
Dede Latinopoulos
Joe's Woman
Dede Latinopoulos was:
Susan French
Terminal Woman
Susan French was:
Angela Paton
Angela Paton was:
Lyne Odums
Lyne Odums was:
John Benjamin Martin
Man on Crack
John Benjamin Martin was:
John Fink
John Fink was:
Evelina Fernández
Latin Woman
Evelina Fernández was:
Ingrid Oliu
Latin Wife
Ingrid Oliu was:
Anne James
Anne James was:
K. K. Dodds
K. K. Dodds was:
Natsuko Ohama
Natsuko Ohama was:
Marie-Alise Recasner
Girl at the Bottom of Stairs (uncredited)
Marie-Alise Recasner was:
Shauna O'Brien
One of Joe's Women (uncredited)
Shauna O'Brien was:
Ted Otis
Medical Student (uncredited)
Ted Otis was:
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