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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle

Release Date: 1998-06-26 (22 years ago)
Eddie Murphy
Dr. John Dolittle
Eddie Murphy was:
Ossie Davis
Archer Dolittle
Ossie Davis was:
Oliver Platt
Dr. Mark Weller
Oliver Platt was:
Peter Boyle
Peter Boyle was:
Richard Schiff
Dr. Gene Reiss
Richard Schiff was:
Kristen Wilson
Lisa Dolittle
Kristen Wilson was:
Jeffrey Tambor
Dr. Fish
Jeffrey Tambor was:
Kyla Pratt
Maya Dolittle
Kyla Pratt was:
Charisse Dolittle
Raven-Symoné was:
Steven Gilborn
Dr. Sam Litvack
Steven Gilborn was:
Erik Dellums
Erik Dellums was:
June Christopher
June Christopher was:
Cherie Franklin
Mrs. Parkus
Cherie Franklin was:
Mark Adair-Rios
Mark Adair-Rios was:
Don Calfa
Patient at Hammersmith
Don Calfa was:
Arnold F. Turner
Animal Control Officer
Arnold F. Turner was:
Kay Yamamoto
Kay Yamamoto was:
Kellye Nakahara
Beagle Woman
Kellye Nakahara was:
Beth Grant
Beth Grant was:
Yule Caise
Vet's Assistant
Yule Caise was:
Brian Kwan
Brian Kwan was:
L. Peter Callender
L. Peter Callender was:
Charles Branklyn
Security Guard
Charles Branklyn was:
Cliff McLaughlin
Mounted Policeman
Cliff McLaughlin was:
Richard Penn
Mr. Galvin
Richard Penn was:
John Lafayette
John Lafayette was:
Raymond Matthew Mason
3-Year-Old John Dolittle
Raymond Matthew Mason was:
Dari Gerard Smith
5-Year-Old John Dolittle
Dari Gerard Smith was:
Karl T. Wright
Karl T. Wright was:
Stan Sellers
Cop #1
Stan Sellers was:
Ming Lo
Cop #2
Ming Lo was:
Norm Macdonald
Lucky (voice)
Norm Macdonald was:
Albert Brooks
Jacob the Tiger (voice)
Albert Brooks was:
Chris Rock
Rodney (voice)
Chris Rock was:
Reni Santoni
Rat #1 (Voice)
Reni Santoni was:
John Leguizamo
Rat #2 (Voice)
John Leguizamo was:
Julie Kavner
Female Pigeon (voice)
Julie Kavner was:
Garry Shandling
Male Pigeon (voice)
Garry Shandling was:
Ellen DeGeneres
Prologue Dog (voice)
Ellen DeGeneres was:
Brian Doyle-Murray
Old Beagle (voice)
Brian Doyle-Murray was:
Phil Proctor
Drunk Monkey (Voice)
Phil Proctor was:
Jenna Elfman
Owl (Voice)
Jenna Elfman was:
Gilbert Gottfried
Compulsive Dog (Voice)
Gilbert Gottfried was:
Phyllis Katz
Goat (voice)
Phyllis Katz was:
Douglas Shamburger
Pound Dog (voice)
Douglas Shamburger was:
Jeff Doucette
Possum (voice)
Jeff Doucette was:
Archie Hahn
Heavy Woman's Dog (voice)
Archie Hahn was:
Tom Towles
German Shepherd (voice)
Tom Towles was:
Eddie Frierson
Skunk (voice)
Eddie Frierson was:
Paul Reubens
Raccoon (voice)
Paul Reubens was:
Royce D. Applegate
'I Love You' Dog (voice)
Royce D. Applegate was:
James F. Dean
Orangutan (voice)
James F. Dean was:
Chad Einbinder
Bettleheim the Cat (voice)
Chad Einbinder was:
Jonathan Lipnicki
Baby Tiger (voice)
Jonathan Lipnicki was:
Hamilton Camp
Pig (voice)
Hamilton Camp was:
Kerrigan Mahan
Penguin (voice)
Kerrigan Mahan was:
Benny Buettner
Circus Clown (uncredited)
Benny Buettner was:
Bebe Conrad
Circus Clown (uncredited)
Bebe Conrad was:
Paul Giamatti
Blaine (uncredited)
Paul Giamatti was:
Kellan Patrick
Jumping Boy (uncredited)
Kellan Patrick was:
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Patient at Hammersmith (uncredited)
Pruitt Taylor Vince was:
Crystal the Monkey
Drunk Monkey (uncredited)
Crystal the Monkey was:
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