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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Dear Lemon Lima

Dear Lemon Lima

Release Date: 2009-10-23 (11 years ago)
Savanah Wiltfong
Vanessa Lemor
Savanah Wiltfong was:
Shayne Topp
Philip Georgey
Shayne Topp was:
Eleanor Hutchins
Terri Lemor
Eleanor Hutchins was:
Kari Nissena
Kari Nissena was:
Beth Grant
Principal Applebomb
Beth Grant was:
Elaine Hendrix
Coach Roach
Elaine Hendrix was:
Meaghan Jette Martin
Megan Kennedy
Meaghan Jette Martin was:
Vanessa Marano
Samantha Combs
Vanessa Marano was:
Melissa Leo
Mrs. Howard
Melissa Leo was:
Emma Dumont
Emma Dumont was:
Zane Huett
Hercules Howard
Zane Huett was:
Maia Lee
Madeline "Nothing" Amigone
Maia Lee was:
Jada Morrison
Emmaline Chin
Jada Morrison was:
Taylor Finlon
Lynne Chin
Taylor Finlon was:
Chase Wright Vanek
Jon Mongory
Chase Wright Vanek was:
Dusty Sager
Dusty Sager was:
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