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Boys On Film 14: Worlds Collide

Boys On Film 14: Worlds Collide

Release Date: 2016-01-22 (5 years ago)
Jamie Andrew Cutler
Rob (segment "Want It")
Jamie Andrew Cutler was:
Alan Turkington
Simon (segment "Want It")
Alan Turkington was:
Jake Graf
Adam (segment "Brace")
Jake Graf was:
Harry Rundle
Rocky (segment "Brace")
Harry Rundle was:
Dannie Pye
Ryan (segment "Brace")
Dannie Pye was:
Georgia Winters
Zoe (segment "Brace")
Georgia Winters was:
Chris Walters
Tokes (segment "Brace")
Chris Walters was:
Alexandré Barceló
Raúl (segment "A World For Raúl")
Alexandré Barceló was:
Adrián Alonso
Hernán (segment "A World For Raúl")
Adrián Alonso was:
Gerardo Taracena
Juan / Raúl's Father (segment "A World For Raúl")
Gerardo Taracena was:
Dennis Garcia
Quique (segment "Barrio Boy")
Dennis Garcia was:
Dan Leonard
Kevin (segment "Barrio Boy")
Dan Leonard was:
Peter Olivera
Cuz (segment "Barrio Boy")
Peter Olivera was:
Andrew L. Flores
Rafa (segment "Barrio Boy")
Andrew L. Flores was:
Mojean Aria
Aban (segment "Aban + Khorshid")
Mojean Aria was:
Bobby Naderi
Khorshid (segment "Aban + Khorshid")
Bobby Naderi was:
Slade Pearce
Mickey Dougherty (segment "The Violation")
Slade Pearce was:
Elaine Hendrix
Janice Dougherty (segment "The Violation")
Elaine Hendrix was:
Shayne Topp
Oscar Heim (segment "The Violation")
Shayne Topp was:
Chelsea Ricketts
Tina Dougherty (segment "The Violation")
Chelsea Ricketts was:
Beth Grant
Linda Heim (segment "The Violation")
Beth Grant was:
Patrick Sean Kelly
Ralph Heim (segment "The Violation")
Patrick Sean Kelly was:
Jefferson Brito
Jefferson (segment "The Package")
Jefferson Brito was:
Victor Monteiro
Leandro (segment "The Package")
Victor Monteiro was:
Thaís Oliveira
Kelly (segment "The Package")
Thaís Oliveira was:
Priscila Gomes
Janaína (segment "The Package")
Priscila Gomes was:
Francisco Gaspar
Professor Clóvis (segment "The Package")
Francisco Gaspar was:
Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt
Mathias (segment "An Afternoon")
Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt was:
Jacob Ottensten
Frederik (segment "An Afternoon")
Jacob Ottensten was:
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