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Release Date: 2002-08-07 (18 years ago)
Fred Ward
Nolan Sharpless
Fred Ward was:
Stefan Kurt
Birdseye / Urs Vogelaug / Rolf Meili
Stefan Kurt was:
Fred Koehler
Ben Sharpless
Fred Koehler was:
Johnny Whitworth
Trent Doone
Johnny Whitworth was:
Amy Hathaway
Heidi Logan
Amy Hathaway was:
Jaimz Woolvett
Jaimz Woolvett was:
Beth Grant
Ruth Betters
Beth Grant was:
Michael Horse
Pete Longshadow
Michael Horse was:
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn was:
R. Lee Ermey
Sheriff Gathers
R. Lee Ermey was:
Lisa Blount
Vicky Sharpless
Lisa Blount was:
Pato Hoffmann
Alvin Karpis
Pato Hoffmann was:
Iqbal Theba
Puneet Ristani
Iqbal Theba was:
Hanspeter Müller
Erwin Weibel
Hanspeter Müller was:
Mike Müller
Fritz Bolliger
Mike Müller was:
Stephanie Glaser
Maya Vogelaug
Stephanie Glaser was:
Brigitte Beyeler
Heidi Von Erlach
Brigitte Beyeler was:
Patti Allison
Milly Tanner
Patti Allison was:
Brian Howe
Joe Tanner
Brian Howe was:
Jeanne Zelasko
Jeanne Zelasko was:
Patricia Boser
Swiss News Interviewer
Patricia Boser was:
Collin Butrum
Store Clerk
Collin Butrum was:
Sarah Nabor
Susie Longshadow
Sarah Nabor was:
Janet Garvey
Female Prison Guard
Janet Garvey was:
Lynda Joseph
Female Prison Guard
Lynda Joseph was:
Carissa Clark
Fingers' Girlfriend
Carissa Clark was:
Nancy Gray
Nancy Gray was:
Irene Rosen
Irene Rosen was:
Jim Schagen
Prison Inmate
Jim Schagen was:
Jon Hegge
Robby the Coroner
Jon Hegge was:
Jennifer Barron
Birdseye Fan
Jennifer Barron was:
Stacey Mueller
Birdseye Fan
Stacey Mueller was:
Janne Kindberg
Janne Kindberg was:
Egidio Paludetto
Rainer Stutz
Egidio Paludetto was:
Nadine Marti
Stutz' Girlfriend
Nadine Marti was:
Daniel Mandehr
Arresting Policeman
Daniel Mandehr was:
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