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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Strange Cargo

Strange Cargo

Release Date: 1940-03-01 (81 years ago)
Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford was:
Clark Gable
André Verne
Clark Gable was:
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter was:
Peter Lorre
M'sieu Pig
Peter Lorre was:
Paul Lukas
Paul Lukas was:
Albert Dekker
Albert Dekker was:
J. Edward Bromberg
J. Edward Bromberg was:
Eduardo Ciannelli
Eduardo Ciannelli was:
John Arledge
John Arledge was:
Frederick Worlock
Grideau, the Prison Head
Frederick Worlock was:
Bernard Nedell
Bernard Nedell was:
Victor Varconi
Victor Varconi was:
Jack Adair
Guard (uncredited)
Jack Adair was:
Richard Alexander
Guard (uncredited)
Richard Alexander was:
Stanley Andrews
Constable (uncredited)
Stanley Andrews was:
Betty Compson
Suzanne (uncredited)
Betty Compson was:
Gene Coogan
Convict (uncredited)
Gene Coogan was:
Harry Cording
Guard (uncredited)
Harry Cording was:
Richard Cramer
Guard (uncredited)
Richard Cramer was:
Art Dupuis
Orderly (uncredited)
Art Dupuis was:
William Edmunds
Dock Watchman (uncredited)
William Edmunds was:
Budd Fine
Guard (uncredited)
Budd Fine was:
Paul Fix
Benet (uncredited)
Paul Fix was:
Eddie Foster
Convict (uncredited)
Eddie Foster was:
Christian J. Frank
Guard (uncredited)
Christian J. Frank was:
Charles Judels
Renard (uncredited)
Charles Judels was:
Frank Lackteen
Convict (uncredited)
Frank Lackteen was:
Mitchell Lewis
Guard (uncredited)
Mitchell Lewis was:
Francis McDonald
Moussenq - Convict (uncredited)
Francis McDonald was:
Art Miles
First Subordinate (uncredited)
Art Miles was:
Jack Mulhall
Dunning (uncredited)
Jack Mulhall was:
Bob O'Connor
Second Subordinate (uncredited)
Bob O'Connor was:
James Pierce
Guard (uncredited)
James Pierce was:
Dewey Robinson
Georges, a guard (uncredited)
Dewey Robinson was:
Harry Semels
Convict (uncredited)
Harry Semels was:
Ray Teal
Guard (uncredited)
Ray Teal was:
Hal Wynants
Guard (uncredited)
Hal Wynants was:
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