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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Slightly Honorable

Slightly Honorable

Release Date: 1939-12-22 (81 years ago)
Pat O’Brien
John Webb
Pat O’Brien was:
Edward Arnold
Vincent Cushing
Edward Arnold was:
Broderick Crawford
Russel Sampson
Broderick Crawford was:
Ruth Terry
Anne Seymour
Ruth Terry was:
Alan Dinehart
District Attorney George Joyce
Alan Dinehart was:
Claire Dodd
Alma Brehmer
Claire Dodd was:
Phyllis Brooks
Sarilla Cushing
Phyllis Brooks was:
Eve Arden
Miss Ater
Eve Arden was:
Douglass Dumbrille
George Taylor
Douglass Dumbrille was:
Bernard Nedell
Pete Godena
Bernard Nedell was:
Douglas Fowley
Douglas Fowley was:
Ernest Truex
P. Hemingway Collins
Ernest Truex was:
Janet Beecher
Mrs. Cushing
Janet Beecher was:
Evelyn Keyes
Miss Vlissingen
Evelyn Keyes was:
John Sheehan
Mike Daley
John Sheehan was:
Addison Richards
Inspector Melvyn Fromm
Addison Richards was:
Cliff Clark
Captain Graves
Cliff Clark was:
Jack Green
Jack Green was:
Howard Hickman
Senator Sam Scott
Howard Hickman was:
Willie Best
Art, Elevator Operator
Willie Best was:
Robert Middlemass
Sen. Berry
Robert Middlemass was:
Paul McVey
Paul McVey was:
John Deering
Radio Announcer
John Deering was:
Art Baker
Radio Announcer
Art Baker was:
Dale Armstrong
Radio Announcer
Dale Armstrong was:
Eddy Chandler
Eddy Chandler was:
Dick Rush
Detective Burke
Dick Rush was:
Max Rose
Fingerprint Expert
Max Rose was:
Jack Winn
Jack Winn was:
Muriel Barr
Girl on Counch (Uncredited)
Muriel Barr was:
Jack Baxley
Detective with Godeana (Uncredited)
Jack Baxley was:
Ed Brady
Ed, District Attorney's Man (Uncredited)
Ed Brady was:
Wheaton Chambers
Guest (Uncredited)
Wheaton Chambers was:
Irene Coleman
Curvy Brunette (Uncredited)
Irene Coleman was:
James Conaty
Senator (Uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Frank Dae
President of the Senate (Uncredited)
Frank Dae was:
Pat Davis
Newspaper Reporter (Uncredited)
Pat Davis was:
Charles K. French
Pallbearer (Uncredited)
Charles K. French was:
Jack Gargan
Senate Gallery Spectator (Uncredited)
Jack Gargan was:
Tay Garnett
Reporter (Uncredited)
Tay Garnett was:
Al Hill Jr.
Newsboy (Uncredited)
Al Hill Jr. was:
Al Hill
Bartender (Uncredited)
Al Hill was:
Bud Jamison
Humboldt (Uncredited)
Bud Jamison was:
Marjorie Kane
Telephone Operator (Uncredited)
Marjorie Kane was:
Richard Keene
Fingerprint Man (Uncredited)
Richard Keene was:
Donald Kerr
Photographer (Uncredited)
Donald Kerr was:
Mike Lally
Nightclub Bouncer (Uncredited)
Mike Lally was:
George Magrill
Reporter (Uncredited)
George Magrill was:
Bernard Matis
Delivery Boy (Uncredited)
Bernard Matis was:
Jack Perry
Nightclub Bouncer (Uncredited)
Jack Perry was:
Gerald Pierce
Delivery Boy (Uncredited)
Gerald Pierce was:
Victor Potel
Gasoline Station Proprietor (Uncredited)
Victor Potel was:
Cyril Ring
Nightclub Patron (Uncredited)
Cyril Ring was:
Irving Wickes
Photographer (Uncredited)
Irving Wickes was:
Zack Williams
Black Preacher (Uncredited)
Zack Williams was:
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