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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Fast and Furious!

Fast and Furious!

Release Date: 1939-10-06 (81 years ago)
Franchot Tone
Joel Sloane
Franchot Tone was:
Ann Sothern
Garda Sloane
Ann Sothern was:
Ruth Hussey
Lily Cole
Ruth Hussey was:
Allyn Joslyn
Ted Bentley
Allyn Joslyn was:
Lee Bowman
Mike Stevens
Lee Bowman was:
Frank Orth
Joe Burke
Frank Orth was:
John Miljan
Eric Bartell
John Miljan was:
Mary Beth Hughes
Jerry Lawrence
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Bernard Nedell
Ed Connors
Bernard Nedell was:
Cliff Clark
Sam Travers
Cliff Clark was:
James Burke
James Burke was:
Margaret Roach
Emmy Lou
Margaret Roach was:
Gladys Blake
Miss Brooklyn
Gladys Blake was:
Granville Bates
Chief Miller
Granville Bates was:
Ernie Alexander
Singer at Party
Ernie Alexander was:
C. Bakaleinikoff
Orchestra Leader
C. Bakaleinikoff was:
Muriel Barr
Miss St. Louis
Muriel Barr was:
Patsy Bedell
Miss Conshohocken
Patsy Bedell was:
Arthur Belasco
Arthur Belasco was:
Anne Borglum
Miss Los Angeles
Anne Borglum was:
Sidney Bracey
Night Clerk
Sidney Bracey was:
Bill Cartledge
Bill Cartledge was:
Jack Chapin
Jack Chapin was:
Irene Coleman
Irene Coleman was:
Jack Daley
Jack Daley was:
Rube Demarest
Piano Player and Singer at Party
Rube Demarest was:
Lester Dorr
Day Clerk
Lester Dorr was:
Yvonne Duval
Miss Boston
Yvonne Duval was:
Sam Finn
Connors' Henchman Who Discovers Lion
Sam Finn was:
James Flavin
Policeman Guarding Entrance
James Flavin was:
Jerry Fletcher
Brash Bellboy
Jerry Fletcher was:
Jack Foss
Railroad Station Clerk
Jack Foss was:
Caroline Frasher
Counter Clerk
Caroline Frasher was:
Inna Gest
Miss San Antonio
Inna Gest was:
Eddie Gribbon
Hennessy - a Policeman
Eddie Gribbon was:
Edward Hearn
Edward Hearn was:
Tom Herbert
Man Sweating in Elevator
Tom Herbert was:
Marilyn Hope
Miss Hartford
Marilyn Hope was:
William Irving
William Irving was:
Claire James
Gladys - Miss Grand Rapids
Claire James was:
Lois Lindsay
Miss Springfield
Lois Lindsay was:
Buddy Messinger
First Elevator Boy
Buddy Messinger was:
Harold Minjir
Director of Pageant
Harold Minjir was:
Paul Newlan
AngryRoom Service Giant
Paul Newlan was:
George Noisom
Elevator Boy at Seaside City Hotel
George Noisom was:
Tom O'Grady
Singer at Party
Tom O'Grady was:
Claire Owen
Grace - Receptionist
Claire Owen was:
Bert Roach
Bert Roach was:
Henry Roquemore
Singer at Party
Henry Roquemore was:
Clarice Sherry
Florabelle Higgins - Miss Tulsa
Clarice Sherry was:
Will Stanton
Will Stanton was:
Brick Sullivan
Brick Sullivan was:
Charles Sullivan
Connors' Henchman
Charles Sullivan was:
William Tannen
Radio Announcer
William Tannen was:
Phillip Terry
Master of Ceremonies
Phillip Terry was:
Ray Turner
Ray Turner was:
Joe Yule
One of the Actors
Joe Yule was:
Harry Brown
Second Man Sweating in Elevator
Harry Brown was:
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