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Poster of Mi general

Mi general

Release Date: Thursday, May 7 1987 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Fernando ReyFernando Rey
Director Almirante
Fernando Rey was:
Portrait of Fernando Fernán GómezFernando Fernán Gómez
General Mario del Pozo
Fernando Fernán Gómez was:
Portrait of Héctor AlterioHéctor Alterio
General Víctor Mendizábal
Héctor Alterio was:
Portrait of Mónica RandallMónica Randall
Beatriz Palomares
Mónica Randall was:
Portrait of Rafael AlonsoRafael Alonso
General Izquierdo
Rafael Alonso was:
Portrait of José Luis López VázquezJosé Luis López Vázquez
General Torres
José Luis López Vázquez was:
Portrait of Joaquín KremelJoaquín Kremel
Capitán Antonio Sarabia
Joaquín Kremel was:
Portrait of Álvaro de LunaÁlvaro de Luna
Comandante Barbadillo
Álvaro de Luna was:
Portrait of Juanjo PuigcorbéJuanjo Puigcorbé
Capitán Eusebio Pujol
Juanjo Puigcorbé was:
Portrait of Alfred LucchettiAlfred Lucchetti
General Álvaro Piñeiro
Alfred Lucchetti was:
Portrait of Joan BorràsJoan Borràs
Teniente Coronel Pazos
Joan Borràs was:
Portrait of Manuel TorremochaManuel Torremocha
General Serrano
Manuel Torremocha was:
Portrait of Amparo BaróAmparo Baró
Señora Crespo
Amparo Baró was:
Portrait of Mercedes AlonsoMercedes Alonso
Mercedes Alonso was:
Portrait of Carmen PlateCarmen Plate
Carmen Plate was:
Portrait of Josep PeñalverJosep Peñalver
General Zon (as José Peñalver)
Josep Peñalver was:
Portrait of José MoratallaJosé Moratalla
José Moratalla was:
Portrait of Jaume SorribasJaume Sorribas
Capitán Miguel Fresneda
Jaume Sorribas was:
Portrait of Abel FolkAbel Folk
Capitán Valeriano Llanos
Abel Folk was:
Portrait of Lluís JuliàLluís Julià
Capitán Rubio
Lluís Julià was:
Portrait of Montserrat JulióMontserrat Julió
Montserrat Julió was:
Portrait of Marina OrozaMarina Oroza
Marina Oroza was:
Portrait of Begoña MartínBegoña Martín
Begoña Martín was:
Portrait of Joan DalmauJoan Dalmau
Vicealmirante Céspedes
Joan Dalmau was:
Portrait of Xavier VivéXavier Vivé
Xavier Vivé was:
Portrait of Josep Maria DomènechJosep Maria Domènech
Josep Maria Domènech was:
Portrait of Adolfo CapelladesAdolfo Capellades
Adolfo Capellades was:
Portrait of Manuel BronchudManuel Bronchud
Manuel Bronchud was:
Portrait of Juan TorresJuan Torres
Juan Torres was:
Portrait of Juan ViñallongaJuan Viñallonga
Juan Viñallonga was:
Portrait of Fernando AparicioFernando Aparicio
Fernando Aparicio was:
Portrait of Jesús ThomasJesús Thomas
Jesús Thomas was:
Portrait of Alfonso GuiraoAlfonso Guirao
Alfonso Guirao was:
Portrait of José Antonio VilasalóJosé Antonio Vilasaló
General José Zapata
José Antonio Vilasaló was:
Portrait of Emilio HigueraEmilio Higuera
Teniente Coronel Fernández
Emilio Higuera was:
Portrait of Óscar BoschÓscar Bosch
Óscar Bosch was:
Portrait of Gerardo ArenasGerardo Arenas
Gerardo Arenas was:
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