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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of 1984


Release Date: Tuesday, March 6 1956 (66 years ago)
Portrait of Edmond O'BrienEdmond O'Brien
Winston Smith of the Outer Party
Edmond O'Brien was:
Portrait of Jan SterlingJan Sterling
Julia of the Outer Party
Jan Sterling was:
Portrait of Michael RedgraveMichael Redgrave
O'Connor of the Inner Party
Michael Redgrave was:
Portrait of David KossoffDavid Kossoff
Charrington the Junk Shop Owner
David Kossoff was:
Portrait of Mervyn JohnsMervyn Johns
Mervyn Johns was:
Portrait of Donald PleasenceDonald Pleasence
R. Parsons
Donald Pleasence was:
Portrait of Carol WolveridgeCarol Wolveridge
Selina Parsons
Carol Wolveridge was:
Portrait of Ernest ClarkErnest Clark
Outer Party Announcer
Ernest Clark was:
Portrait of Patrick AllenPatrick Allen
Inner Party Official
Patrick Allen was:
Portrait of Ronan O'CaseyRonan O'Casey
Ronan O'Casey was:
Portrait of Bartlett MullinsBartlett Mullins
Bartlett Mullins was:
Portrait of Michael RipperMichael Ripper
Outer Party Orator
Michael Ripper was:
Portrait of Ewen SolonEwen Solon
Outer Party Orator
Ewen Solon was:
Portrait of Kenneth GriffithKenneth Griffith
Kenneth Griffith was:
Portrait of Walter GotellWalter Gotell
Guard (uncredited)
Walter Gotell was:
Portrait of Patrick TroughtonPatrick Troughton
Man on Telescreen (uncredited)
Patrick Troughton was:
Portrait of John VernonJohn Vernon
Big Brother (uncredited)
John Vernon was:
Portrait of Barbara KeoghBarbara Keogh
Special Woman (uncredited)
Barbara Keogh was:
Portrait of Barbara CavanBarbara Cavan
Woman (voice) (uncredited)
Barbara Cavan was:
Portrait of Anthony JacobsAnthony Jacobs
Telescreen (voice) (uncredited)
Anthony Jacobs was:
Portrait of Bernard RebelBernard Rebel
Kalador (uncredited)
Bernard Rebel was:
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