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Poster of Washington Merry-Go-Round

Washington Merry-Go-Round

Release Date: Saturday, October 15 1932 (90 years ago)
Portrait of Lee TracyLee Tracy
Button Gwinett Brown
Lee Tracy was:
Portrait of Constance CummingsConstance Cummings
Alice Wylie
Constance Cummings was:
Portrait of Walter ConnollyWalter Connolly
Senator Wylie
Walter Connolly was:
Portrait of Alan DinehartAlan Dinehart
Edward T. Norton
Alan Dinehart was:
Portrait of Arthur VintonArthur Vinton
Beef Brannigan
Arthur Vinton was:
Portrait of Arthur HoytArthur Hoyt
Arthur Hoyt was:
Portrait of Berton ChurchillBerton Churchill
Speaker of the House
Berton Churchill was:
Portrait of Frank SheridanFrank Sheridan
Honest John Kelleher
Frank Sheridan was:
Portrait of Clay ClementClay Clement
Ambassador Conti
Clay Clement was:
Portrait of Clarence MuseClarence Muse
Clarence Muse was:
Portrait of Bull AndersonBull Anderson
Bull Anderson was:
Portrait of Cyril ArmbristerCyril Armbrister
Cyril Armbrister was:
Portrait of Bobby BurnsBobby Burns
Senate Clerk
Bobby Burns was:
Portrait of Allan CavanAllan Cavan
Allan Cavan was:
Portrait of Wallis ClarkWallis Clark
Carl Tilden
Wallis Clark was:
Portrait of Jane DarwellJane Darwell
Alice's Aunt
Jane Darwell was:
Portrait of Charles K. FrenchCharles K. French
Party Guest
Charles K. French was:
Portrait of Sam GodfreySam Godfrey
Martin - Wylie's Secretary
Sam Godfrey was:
Portrait of Sherry HallSherry Hall
Building Superintendent
Sherry Hall was:
Portrait of Ramsay HillRamsay Hill
Hotel Desk Clerk
Ramsay Hill was:
Portrait of Richard KiplingRichard Kipling
Richard Kipling was:
Portrait of Frank LaRueFrank LaRue
Frank LaRue was:
Portrait of Lillian LawrenceLillian Lawrence
No Saloons Leaguer
Lillian Lawrence was:
Portrait of Carl M. LevinessCarl M. Leviness
Party Guest
Carl M. Leviness was:
Portrait of Tony MerloTony Merlo
Senate Clerk
Tony Merlo was:
Portrait of Field NortonField Norton
Field Norton was:
Portrait of Rose PlumerRose Plumer
No Saloons League Woman
Rose Plumer was:
Portrait of John T. PrinceJohn T. Prince
Senate Clerk
John T. Prince was:
Portrait of Tiny SandfordTiny Sandford
Tiny Sandford was:
Portrait of Pietro SossoPietro Sosso
Norton's Butler
Pietro Sosso was:
Portrait of Harry StaffordHarry Stafford
Harry Stafford was:
Portrait of Larry SteersLarry Steers
Library of Congress Guard
Larry Steers was:
Portrait of Harry StrangHarry Strang
Veteran Hired as Elevator Operator
Harry Strang was:
Portrait of Dorothy VernonDorothy Vernon
No Saloons League Woman
Dorothy Vernon was:
Portrait of Ernest WoodErnest Wood
Beauchard - Hotel Manager
Ernest Wood was:
Portrait of John LarkinJohn Larkin
Train Conductor with Telegram
John Larkin was:
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