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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Rendezvous at Midnight

Rendezvous at Midnight

Release Date: Monday, February 11 1935 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Ralph BellamyRalph Bellamy
Commissioner Robert Edmonds
Ralph Bellamy was:
Portrait of Valerie HobsonValerie Hobson
Sandra Rogers
Valerie Hobson was:
Portrait of Catherine DoucetCatherine Doucet
Catherine Doucet was:
Portrait of Irene WareIrene Ware
Irene Ware was:
Portrait of Helen Jerome EddyHelen Jerome Eddy
Helen Jerome Eddy was:
Portrait of Purnell PrattPurnell Pratt
The Mayor - Hamilton
Purnell Pratt was:
Portrait of Kathlyn WilliamsKathlyn Williams
Mrs. Arthur Dewey
Kathlyn Williams was:
Portrait of Edgar KennedyEdgar Kennedy
Edgar Kennedy was:
Portrait of Vivien OaklandVivien Oakland
Lillian Haskins
Vivien Oakland was:
Portrait of Arthur VintonArthur Vinton
Myles Crawford
Arthur Vinton was:
Portrait of William P. CarletonWilliam P. Carleton
William P. Carleton was:
Portrait of Luis AlberniLuis Alberni
Luis Alberni was:
Portrait of Gail ArnoldGail Arnold
Carlotta - Blonde Model
Gail Arnold was:
Portrait of William ArnoldWilliam Arnold
Captain Ryan
William Arnold was:
Portrait of James BushJames Bush
George Carter
James Bush was:
Portrait of Katherine HallKatherine Hall
Mildred - Style Thief
Katherine Hall was:
Portrait of William RuhlWilliam Ruhl
William Ruhl was:
Portrait of Katherine WilliamsKatherine Williams
Katherine Williams was:
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