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Poster of Little Big Shot

Little Big Shot

Release Date: Saturday, September 7 1935 (87 years ago)
Portrait of Sybil JasonSybil Jason
Gloria Gibbs
Sybil Jason was:
Portrait of Glenda FarrellGlenda Farrell
Glenda Farrell was:
Portrait of Robert ArmstrongRobert Armstrong
Steve Craig
Robert Armstrong was:
Portrait of Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton
Mortimer Thompson
Edward Everett Horton was:
Portrait of Jack La RueJack La Rue
Jack Doré
Jack La Rue was:
Portrait of Arthur VintonArthur Vinton
Norton Kell
Arthur Vinton was:
Portrait of J. Carrol NaishJ. Carrol Naish
J. Carrol Naish was:
Portrait of Edgar KennedyEdgar Kennedy
Edgar Kennedy was:
Portrait of Addison RichardsAddison Richards
Hank Gibbs
Addison Richards was:
Portrait of Joe SawyerJoe Sawyer
Doré's Henchman
Joe Sawyer was:
Portrait of Emma DunnEmma Dunn
Orphanage Matron
Emma Dunn was:
Portrait of Ward BondWard Bond
Kell's Henchman
Ward Bond was:
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Bystander at Shooting (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Portrait of Olin HowlandOlin Howland
Doc (uncredited)
Olin Howland was:
Portrait of Milton KibbeeMilton Kibbee
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Milton Kibbee was:
Portrait of Marc LawrenceMarc Lawrence
Doré's Henchman
Marc Lawrence was:
Portrait of Murray AlperMurray Alper
Doré's Henchman
Murray Alper was:
Portrait of Tammany YoungTammany Young
Ralph Lewis
Tammany Young was:
Portrait of Guy UsherGuy Usher
Lieutenant Adams
Guy Usher was:
Portrait of Mary FoyMary Foy
Orphanage Matron #2
Mary Foy was:
Portrait of Max BarwynMax Barwyn
Waiter with Message
Max Barwyn was:
Portrait of Ann BuppAnn Bupp
Ann Bupp was:
Portrait of Burr CaruthBurr Caruth
Soda Fountain Customer
Burr Caruth was:
Portrait of Kernan CrippsKernan Cripps
Policeman #1
Kernan Cripps was:
Portrait of Gloria FisherGloria Fisher
Little Girl
Gloria Fisher was:
Portrait of Dorothy GrayDorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray was:
Portrait of Lew HarveyLew Harvey
Kell's Henchman
Lew Harvey was:
Portrait of Dell HendersonDell Henderson
Dell Henderson was:
Portrait of Howard HickmanHoward Hickman
The Judge
Howard Hickman was:
Portrait of Earle HodginsEarle Hodgins
Tour Barker
Earle Hodgins was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Soda Fountain Customer
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of George HumbertGeorge Humbert
Head Waiter
George Humbert was:
Portrait of Payne B. JohnsonPayne B. Johnson
Small Boy on Street
Payne B. Johnson was:
Portrait of Georgia O'DellGeorgia O'Dell
Georgia O'Dell was:
Portrait of Arvert PottArvert Pott
Black Child
Arvert Pott was:
Portrait of Richard PowellRichard Powell
Richard Powell was:
Portrait of Lee PratherLee Prather
Policeman #2
Lee Prather was:
Portrait of Jacqueline SaundersJacqueline Saunders
Jacqueline Saunders was:
Portrait of Jesse ScottJesse Scott
Child Playing Harmonica
Jesse Scott was:
Portrait of Eddie ShubertEddie Shubert
Kell's Henchman
Eddie Shubert was:
Portrait of Lee ShumwayLee Shumway
Police Announcer
Lee Shumway was:
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