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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Central Airport

Central Airport

Release Date: Saturday, April 15 1933 (89 years ago)
Portrait of Richard BarthelmessRichard Barthelmess
James 'Jim' Blaine
Richard Barthelmess was:
Portrait of Sally EilersSally Eilers
Jill Collins
Sally Eilers was:
Portrait of Tom BrownTom Brown
Neil 'Bud' Blaine
Tom Brown was:
Portrait of Grant MitchellGrant Mitchell
Mr. Blaine
Grant Mitchell was:
Portrait of James MurrayJames Murray
Eddie Hughes
James Murray was:
Portrait of Claire McDowellClaire McDowell
Mrs. Blaine
Claire McDowell was:
Portrait of Willard RobertsonWillard Robertson
Havana Airport Manager
Willard Robertson was:
Portrait of Arthur VintonArthur Vinton
Amarillo Airport Manager
Arthur Vinton was:
Portrait of Louise BeaversLouise Beavers
Hotel Maid (uncredited)
Louise Beavers was:
Portrait of Harry C. BradleyHarry C. Bradley
Doctor (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
Portrait of Lester DorrLester Dorr
Hotel Desk Clerk #3 (uncredited)
Lester Dorr was:
Portrait of Betty Jane GrahamBetty Jane Graham
Little Girl in Wreck (uncredited)
Betty Jane Graham was:
Portrait of Charles LaneCharles Lane
Amarillo Radio Operator (uncredited)
Charles Lane was:
Portrait of John "Skins" MillerJohn "Skins" Miller
Hotel Desk Clerk #2 (uncredited)
John "Skins" Miller was:
Portrait of J. Carrol NaishJ. Carrol Naish
Drunk in Wreck (uncredited)
J. Carrol Naish was:
Portrait of John WayneJohn Wayne
Co-Pilot in Wreck (uncredited)
John Wayne was:
Portrait of Toby WingToby Wing
Air Show Observer (uncredited)
Toby Wing was:
Portrait of Fred 'Snowflake' ToonesFred 'Snowflake' Toones
Hotel Porter
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones was:
Portrait of Irving BaconIrving Bacon
Airport Weatherman
Irving Bacon was:
Portrait of Dick ElliottDick Elliott
Man Looking for Driver
Dick Elliott was:
Portrait of Charles WilliamsCharles Williams
Hotel Desk Clerk
Charles Williams was:
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