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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Last Drop

The Last Drop

Release Date: Thursday, April 13 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Billy ZaneBilly Zane
Robert Oates
Billy Zane was:
Portrait of Neil NewbonNeil Newbon
Rhys Powell
Neil Newbon was:
Portrait of Michael MadsenMichael Madsen
J.T. Colt
Michael Madsen was:
Portrait of Alexander SkarsgårdAlexander Skarsgård
Jergen Voller
Alexander Skarsgård was:
Portrait of Neil JacksonNeil Jackson
Sergeant Simkins
Neil Jackson was:
Portrait of Tommy FlanaganTommy Flanagan
Dennis Baker
Tommy Flanagan was:
Portrait of Nick MoranNick Moran
Alan Ives
Nick Moran was:
Portrait of Laurence FoxLaurence Fox
Major Kessler
Laurence Fox was:
Portrait of Rafe SpallRafe Spall
David Wellings
Rafe Spall was:
Portrait of Sean PertweeSean Pertwee
Bill McMillan
Sean Pertwee was:
Portrait of Karel RodenKarel Roden
Hans Beck
Karel Roden was:
Portrait of David GinolaDavid Ginola
Dieter Max
David Ginola was:
Portrait of Todd SpanglerTodd Spangler
Todd Spangler was:
Portrait of Dave EvansDave Evans
Private Meyer
Dave Evans was:
Portrait of Lauretta LewisLauretta Lewis
Lauretta Lewis was:
Portrait of Anton RodgersAnton Rodgers
Anton Rodgers was:
Portrait of Aoife MaddenAoife Madden
Aoife Madden was:
Portrait of Justin ThomsonJustin Thomson
Justin Thomson was:
Portrait of Steve SpeirsSteve Speirs
Gustav Hansfeld
Steve Speirs was:
Portrait of Jack DeeJack Dee
Jack Dee was:
Portrait of Lucy GaskellLucy Gaskell
Lucy Gaskell was:
Portrait of Agathe de La BoulayeAgathe de La Boulaye
Agathe de La Boulaye was:
Portrait of Andre SchneiderAndre Schneider
German Soldier
Andre Schneider was:
Portrait of John White AbbottJohn White Abbott
German Soldier
John White Abbott was:
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