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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Petticoat Pirates

Petticoat Pirates

Release Date: Wednesday, November 1 1961 (60 years ago)
Portrait of Charlie DrakeCharlie Drake
Charlie Drake was:
Portrait of Anne HeywoodAnne Heywood
Chief Oficer Anne Stevens
Anne Heywood was:
Portrait of Cecil ParkerCecil Parker
Cecil Parker was:
Portrait of John TurnerJohn Turner
Lt. Michael Pattinson
John Turner was:
Portrait of Thorley WaltersThorley Walters
Captain Jerome Robertson
Thorley Walters was:
Portrait of Maxine AudleyMaxine Audley
Mary - Superintendent
Maxine Audley was:
Portrait of Aleta MorrisonAleta Morrison
Frog Girl
Aleta Morrison was:
Portrait of Murray MelvinMurray Melvin
Murray Melvin was:
Portrait of Anton RodgersAnton Rodgers
Anton Rodgers was:
Portrait of Dilys LayeDilys Laye
Dilys Laye was:
Portrait of Eleanor SummerfieldEleanor Summerfield
Chief Wren Mabel Rawlins
Eleanor Summerfield was:
Portrait of Victor MaddernVictor Maddern
CPO Nixon
Victor Maddern was:
Portrait of Lionel MurtonLionel Murton
Lionel Murton was:
Portrait of Barbara HicksBarbara Hicks
P.T. Instructress
Barbara Hicks was:
Portrait of Kenneth FortescueKenneth Fortescue
Paul Turner
Kenneth Fortescue was:
Portrait of Penny NewingtonPenny Newington
Penny Newington was:
Portrait of Michael RipperMichael Ripper
Michael Ripper was:
Portrait of Angus LennieAngus Lennie
Angus Lennie was:
Portrait of Tony HiltonTony Hilton
Tony Hilton was:
Portrait of Norman ChappellNorman Chappell
Norman Chappell was:
Portrait of James MilnerJames Milner
James Milner was:
Portrait of Diane AubreyDiane Aubrey
Gunnery officer
Diane Aubrey was:
Portrait of Daphne JonasonDaphne Jonason
Navigation Officer
Daphne Jonason was:
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