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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Longford


Release Date: Thursday, October 26 2006 (15 years ago)
Portrait of Jim BroadbentJim Broadbent
Lord Longford
Jim Broadbent was:
Portrait of Lindsay DuncanLindsay Duncan
Lady Elizabeth Longford
Lindsay Duncan was:
Portrait of Samantha MortonSamantha Morton
Myra Hindley
Samantha Morton was:
Portrait of Andy SerkisAndy Serkis
Ian Brady
Andy Serkis was:
Portrait of Kate MilesKate Miles
Rachel Pakenham
Kate Miles was:
Portrait of Alex BlakeAlex Blake
Paddy Packenham
Alex Blake was:
Portrait of Sarah CrowdenSarah Crowden
Lady Tree
Sarah Crowden was:
Portrait of Robert PughRobert Pugh
Harold Wilson
Robert Pugh was:
Portrait of Anton RodgersAnton Rodgers
Willie Whitelaw
Anton Rodgers was:
Portrait of Kika MarkhamKika Markham
Governor Wing
Kika Markham was:
Portrait of Tam Dean BurnTam Dean Burn
Tam Dean Burn was:
Portrait of Lee BoardmanLee Boardman
Talk Show Host
Lee Boardman was:
Portrait of Caroline CleggCaroline Clegg
Longford's Secretary
Caroline Clegg was:
Portrait of Roy BarberRoy Barber
Father Kahle
Roy Barber was:
Portrait of Karen SpraggKaren Spragg
Patricia Cairns
Karen Spragg was:
Portrait of Karen BayleyKaren Bayley
Holloway Prison Officer
Karen Bayley was:
Portrait of Ian ConnaughtonIan Connaughton
Ian Connaughton was:
Portrait of David MacCreedyDavid MacCreedy
David MacCreedy was:
Portrait of Richard SinnottRichard Sinnott
Richard Sinnott was:
Portrait of Charlotte West-OramCharlotte West-Oram
Downing Street Secretary
Charlotte West-Oram was:
Portrait of Gordon Langford RoweGordon Langford Rowe
Gordon Langford Rowe was:
Portrait of Ron MeadowsRon Meadows
Defence Barrister
Ron Meadows was:
Portrait of Tina MaloneTina Malone
Tina Malone was:
Portrait of Martina McClementsMartina McClements
Home Office Secretary
Martina McClements was:
Portrait of C.P. HallamC.P. Hallam
Fred Harrison
C.P. Hallam was:
Portrait of Pamela CheshirePamela Cheshire
Cookham Wood Prisoner
Pamela Cheshire was:
Portrait of Daniel MaleyDaniel Maley
Daniel Maley was:
Portrait of Ross TomlinsonRoss Tomlinson
Ross Tomlinson was:
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