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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of After the Dance

After the Dance

Release Date: Saturday, December 5 1992 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Anton RodgersAnton Rodgers
David Scott-Fowler
Anton Rodgers was:
Portrait of Gemma JonesGemma Jones
Joan Scott-Fowler
Gemma Jones was:
Portrait of Imogen StubbsImogen Stubbs
Helen Banner
Imogen Stubbs was:
Portrait of Richard LinternRichard Lintern
Peter Scott-Fowler
Richard Lintern was:
Portrait of John BirdJohn Bird
John Reid
John Bird was:
Portrait of Roberta TaylorRoberta Taylor
Julia Browne
Roberta Taylor was:
Portrait of Georgina HaleGeorgina Hale
Moya Lexington
Georgina Hale was:
Portrait of Celia BannermanCelia Bannerman
Miss Potter
Celia Bannerman was:
Portrait of Geoffrey BeeversGeoffrey Beevers
Arthur Power
Geoffrey Beevers was:
Portrait of Ben ChaplinBen Chaplin
Cyril Carter
Ben Chaplin was:
Portrait of Graham SeedGraham Seed
Lawrence Walters
Graham Seed was:
Portrait of Malcolm MudieMalcolm Mudie
Malcolm Mudie was:
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