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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Return of the Living Dead III

Return of the Living Dead III

Release Date: Friday, October 1 1993 (29 years ago)
Portrait of Melinda ClarkeMelinda Clarke
Julie Walker
Melinda Clarke was:
Portrait of J. Trevor EdmondJ. Trevor Edmond
Curt Reynolds
J. Trevor Edmond was:
Portrait of Kent McCordKent McCord
Col. John Reynolds
Kent McCord was:
Portrait of Sarah DouglasSarah Douglas
Lt. Col. Sinclair
Sarah Douglas was:
Portrait of James T. CallahanJames T. Callahan
Col. Peck
James T. Callahan was:
Portrait of Basil WallaceBasil Wallace
Basil Wallace was:
Portrait of Mike MoroffMike Moroff
Mike Moroff was:
Portrait of Julian Scott UrenaJulian Scott Urena
Julian Scott Urena was:
Portrait of Pía ReyesPía Reyes
Pía Reyes was:
Portrait of Sal LopezSal Lopez
Sal Lopez was:
Portrait of Dana LeeDana Lee
Store Owner
Dana Lee was:
Portrait of Jill AndreJill Andre
Dr. Beers
Jill Andre was:
Portrait of David WellsDavid Wells
Laboratory Technician
David Wells was:
Portrait of Anthony HickoxAnthony Hickox
Dr. Hickox
Anthony Hickox was:
Portrait of Brian PeckBrian Peck
Ballistics Technician
Brian Peck was:
Portrait of Gary SchmoellerGary Schmoeller
Base Captain
Gary Schmoeller was:
Portrait of Michael DeakMichael Deak
Cop #1
Michael Deak was:
Portrait of Gerry LivelyGerry Lively
Quartermaster (uncredited)
Gerry Lively was:
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