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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Sam the Man

Sam the Man

Release Date: Thursday, February 1 2001 (21 years ago)
Portrait of Fisher StevensFisher Stevens
Sam Manning
Fisher Stevens was:
Portrait of Annabella SciorraAnnabella Sciorra
Annabella Sciorra was:
Portrait of Alex PorterAlex Porter
Saxophone Player
Alex Porter was:
Portrait of John SlatteryJohn Slattery
Maxwell Slade
John Slattery was:
Portrait of Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
Annika Peterson was:
Portrait of Ron RifkinRon Rifkin
Ron Rifkin was:
Portrait of Saverio GuerraSaverio Guerra
Lorenzo Pugano
Saverio Guerra was:
Portrait of George PlimptonGeorge Plimpton
George Plimpton was:
Portrait of Griffin DunneGriffin Dunne
Man in Bathroom
Griffin Dunne was:
Portrait of Maria BelloMaria Bello
Anastasia Powell
Maria Bello was:
Portrait of Danielle FerlandDanielle Ferland
Danielle Ferland was:
Portrait of Joshua DovJoshua Dov
College Boy
Joshua Dov was:
Portrait of Rob MorrowRob Morrow
Daniel Lenz
Rob Morrow was:
Portrait of Luis GuzmánLuis Guzmán
Luis Guzmán was:
Portrait of Jean-Luke FigueroaJean-Luke Figueroa
Buster Pugano
Jean-Luke Figueroa was:
Portrait of Nadine MozonNadine Mozon
Maria Pugano
Nadine Mozon was:
Portrait of Marin HinkleMarin Hinkle
Marin Hinkle was:
Portrait of David ZayasDavid Zayas
Billy the Cop
David Zayas was:
Portrait of David EigenbergDavid Eigenberg
Man at Book Reading
David Eigenberg was:
Portrait of Debbon AyerDebbon Ayer
Debbon Ayer was:
Portrait of Anne TorsiglieriAnne Torsiglieri
Woman #1 in Restaurant
Anne Torsiglieri was:
Portrait of Jon Robin BaitzJon Robin Baitz
Man #1 in Restaurant
Jon Robin Baitz was:
Portrait of Dana Wheeler-NicholsonDana Wheeler-Nicholson
Woman #2 in Restaurant
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was:
Portrait of Michael GriffithsMichael Griffiths
Man #2 in Restaurant
Michael Griffiths was:
Portrait of Jennifer KutnerJennifer Kutner
Jennifer Kutner was:
Portrait of Patrick McMullenPatrick McMullen
Patrick McMullen was:
Portrait of George AntonopoulosGeorge Antonopoulos
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
George Antonopoulos was:
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