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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of On the Q.T.

On the Q.T.

Release Date: Thursday, April 1 1999 (23 years ago)
Portrait of Sam BallSam Ball
Sam Ball was:
Portrait of James Earl JonesJames Earl Jones
James Earl Jones was:
Portrait of Trudie StylerTrudie Styler
Trudie Styler was:
Portrait of Annie ParisseAnnie Parisse
Annie Parisse was:
Portrait of Henry SimmonsHenry Simmons
Henry Simmons was:
Portrait of Peter StanPeter Stan
Peter Stan was:
Portrait of Tom MardirosianTom Mardirosian
Tom Mardirosian was:
Portrait of Michael CullenMichael Cullen
Jari's Father
Michael Cullen was:
Portrait of Sam GunclerSam Guncler
Sam Guncler was:
Portrait of Debra GoldDebra Gold
Judith White
Debra Gold was:
Portrait of Manny PérezManny Pérez
Manny Pérez was:
Portrait of Matthew SaldivarMatthew Saldivar
Julian (as Matt Saldivar)
Matthew Saldivar was:
Portrait of Seán CullenSeán Cullen
Seán Cullen was:
Portrait of Kim ChanKim Chan
Asian Busker
Kim Chan was:
Portrait of Jeffrey WareJeffrey Ware
Jeffrey Ware was:
Portrait of Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
Annika Peterson was:
Portrait of Bill DawesBill Dawes
Bill Dawes was:
Portrait of Joey DedioJoey Dedio
Pot Washer (as Joey Diedo)
Joey Dedio was:
Portrait of Louis OzawaLouis Ozawa
Kenneth (as Louis Changchein)
Louis Ozawa was:
Portrait of Danielle FloraDanielle Flora
Teenage Girl
Danielle Flora was:
Portrait of Gloria IrizarryGloria Irizarry
Old Woman
Gloria Irizarry was:
Portrait of Rick LohmanRick Lohman
Professor #1
Rick Lohman was:
Portrait of Jake BurbageJake Burbage
Jari, 6 years old
Jake Burbage was:
Portrait of Michael CimineraMichael Ciminera
Guy in Restaurant
Michael Ciminera was:
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