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Poster of Dinner Rush

Dinner Rush

Release Date: Friday, September 1 2000 (22 years ago)
Portrait of Polly DraperPolly Draper
Natalie Clemente
Polly Draper was:
Portrait of Alex CorradoAlex Corrado
Alex Corrado was:
Portrait of Zainab JahZainab Jah
Zainab Jah was:
Portrait of John RothmanJohn Rothman
Gary Lieberman
John Rothman was:
Portrait of Michael McGloneMichael McGlone
Michael McGlone was:
Portrait of Edoardo BalleriniEdoardo Ballerini
Chef Udo Cropa
Edoardo Ballerini was:
Portrait of Manny PérezManny Pérez
Manny Pérez was:
Portrait of Vivian WuVivian Wu
Nicole Chan
Vivian Wu was:
Portrait of Danny AielloDanny Aiello
Louis Cropa
Danny Aiello was:
Portrait of Frank BongiornoFrank Bongiorno
Enrico Coventie
Frank Bongiorno was:
Portrait of Lexie SperdutoLexie Sperduto
Lucy Clemente
Lexie Sperduto was:
Portrait of Ajay NaiduAjay Naidu
Ademir the Matre'd
Ajay Naidu was:
Portrait of Andre Haynes RichardsonAndre Haynes Richardson
Andre Haynes Richardson was:
Portrait of Summer PhoenixSummer Phoenix
Marti Wellington
Summer Phoenix was:
Portrait of Jamie HarrisJamie Harris
Sean the Bartender
Jamie Harris was:
Portrait of Tessa GhylinTessa Ghylin
Tessa Ghylin was:
Portrait of Jimmy ShkelqimJimmy Shkelqim
Jimmy Shkelqim was:
Portrait of Nurul RaqueNurul Raque
Nurul Raque was:
Portrait of John Patrick WalkerJohn Patrick Walker
John Patrick Walker was:
Portrait of Gabriel JiménezGabriel Jiménez
Pasta Chef
Gabriel Jiménez was:
Portrait of Andre De LeonAndre De Leon
Andre De Leon was:
Portrait of Joe Gatti Jr.Joe Gatti Jr.
Joe Gatti Jr. was:
Portrait of John CorbettJohn Corbett
Ken Roloff
John Corbett was:
Portrait of Kirk AcevedoKirk Acevedo
Kirk Acevedo was:
Portrait of Mark MargolisMark Margolis
Mark Margolis was:
Portrait of Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
Annika Peterson was:
Portrait of Juan Carlos HernándezJuan Carlos Hernández
Juan Carlos Hernández was:
Portrait of Luigi CelentanoLuigi Celentano
Line Chef
Luigi Celentano was:
Portrait of Jonathan ChodoshJonathan Chodosh
Black-Out Customer
Jonathan Chodosh was:
Portrait of Ted KochTed Koch
Bar Patron
Ted Koch was:
Portrait of Doreen DunlapDoreen Dunlap
Bar Patron
Doreen Dunlap was:
Portrait of Julie ZegerJulie Zeger
Baby's Mother
Julie Zeger was:
Portrait of David PhillipsDavid Phillips
Baby's Father
David Phillips was:
Portrait of Marcus SchenkenbergMarcus Schenkenberg
Male Customer
Marcus Schenkenberg was:
Portrait of Jennifer Griffin ChambersJennifer Griffin Chambers
Female Customer
Jennifer Griffin Chambers was:
Portrait of Sandra BernhardSandra Bernhard
Jennifer Freely
Sandra Bernhard was:
Portrait of Sophie CometSophie Comet
Food Nymph
Sophie Comet was:
Portrait of Ellen McElduffEllen McElduff
Ellen Drury
Ellen McElduff was:
Portrait of Minnie GiraldiMinnie Giraldi
Other Female Customer
Minnie Giraldi was:
Portrait of Roma TorreRoma Torre
NY 1 Reporter
Roma Torre was:
Portrait of David DiazDavid Diaz
News 2 Reporter
David Diaz was:
Portrait of Walt MacPhersonWalt MacPherson
Detective Drury
Walt MacPherson was:
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