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Poster of A Walk Among the Tombstones

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Release Date: Thursday, September 18 2014 (8 years ago)
Portrait of Liam NeesonLiam Neeson
Matthew Scudder
Liam Neeson was:
Portrait of Dan StevensDan Stevens
Kenny Kristo
Dan Stevens was:
Portrait of David HarbourDavid Harbour
David Harbour was:
Portrait of Boyd HolbrookBoyd Holbrook
Peter Kristo
Boyd Holbrook was:
Portrait of Ólafur Darri ÓlafssonÓlafur Darri Ólafsson
Jonas Loogan
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson was:
Portrait of AstroAstro
Astro was:
Portrait of Mark ConsuelosMark Consuelos
Reuben Quintana
Mark Consuelos was:
Portrait of Adam David ThompsonAdam David Thompson
Adam David Thompson was:
Portrait of Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché
Yuri Landau
Sebastian Roché was:
Portrait of Laura BirnLaura Birn
Leila Alvarez
Laura Birn was:
Portrait of Maurice CompteMaurice Compte
Danny Ortiz
Maurice Compte was:
Portrait of Patrick McDadePatrick McDade
Bar Owner
Patrick McDade was:
Portrait of Luciano Acuna Jr.Luciano Acuna Jr.
Dominican Banger #1
Luciano Acuna Jr. was:
Portrait of Hans MarreroHans Marrero
Dominican Banger #2
Hans Marrero was:
Portrait of Kim RosenKim Rosen
Waitress - Jenny
Kim Rosen was:
Portrait of Eric NelsenEric Nelsen
Eric Nelsen was:
Portrait of Jon GoracyJon Goracy
Bag Boy
Jon Goracy was:
Portrait of Razane JammalRazane Jammal
Carrie Kristo
Razane Jammal was:
Portrait of Stephanie AndujarStephanie Andujar
Stephanie Andujar was:
Portrait of Al NazemianAl Nazemian
Manager - Roland
Al Nazemian was:
Portrait of Sophia FrankSophia Frank
Teenage Cashier
Sophia Frank was:
Portrait of Susham BediSusham Bedi
Mrs. Youness
Susham Bedi was:
Portrait of Purva BediPurva Bedi
Purva Bedi was:
Portrait of Novella NelsonNovella Nelson
Novella Nelson was:
Portrait of Marielle HellerMarielle Heller
Marie Gotteskind
Marielle Heller was:
Portrait of Frank De JulioFrank De Julio
Eduardo Solomon
Frank De Julio was:
Portrait of Natia DuneNatia Dune
Nurse Anna
Natia Dune was:
Portrait of Genevieve AdamsGenevieve Adams
Waitress - The Flame
Genevieve Adams was:
Portrait of Liana De LaurentLiana De Laurent
Yuri's Wife
Liana De Laurent was:
Portrait of Danielle Rose RussellDanielle Rose Russell
Danielle Rose Russell was:
Portrait of David AnzueloDavid Anzuelo
Bodega Owner
David Anzuelo was:
Portrait of Samuel MercedesSamuel Mercedes
Samuel Mercedes was:
Portrait of Mike FigueroaMike Figueroa
Tattooed Man
Mike Figueroa was:
Portrait of Mike CarlsenMike Carlsen
Flannel Shirt
Mike Carlsen was:
Portrait of Leon Addison BrownLeon Addison Brown
Leon Addison Brown was:
Portrait of Damion LeeDamion Lee
Baller #1
Damion Lee was:
Portrait of Jeremie HarrisJeremie Harris
Baller #2
Jeremie Harris was:
Portrait of Jolly AbrahamJolly Abraham
Bellevue Doctor
Jolly Abraham was:
Portrait of Nina PolanNina Polan
Old Woman
Nina Polan was:
Portrait of Briana MarinBriana Marin
Screaming Woman
Briana Marin was:
Portrait of Arthur GerundaArthur Gerunda
Arthur Gerunda was:
Portrait of Fabrizio BrienzaFabrizio Brienza
Fabrizio Brienza was:
Portrait of Dennis Jay FunnyDennis Jay Funny
AA Speaker
Dennis Jay Funny was:
Portrait of Whitney AbleWhitney Able
Twelve Step Girl
Whitney Able was:
Portrait of Chinasa OgbuaguChinasa Ogbuagu
AA Woman - Denise
Chinasa Ogbuagu was:
Portrait of Louise G. ColónLouise G. Colón
Latin Old Woman
Louise G. Colón was:
Portrait of Toshiko OnizawaToshiko Onizawa
Witness (uncredited)
Toshiko Onizawa was:
Portrait of Annika PetersonAnnika Peterson
Anita (uncredited)
Annika Peterson was:
Portrait of Marina SquerciatiMarina Squerciati
Hostess (uncredited)
Marina Squerciati was:
Portrait of Johnny OttoJohnny Otto
Detective (uncredited)
Johnny Otto was:
Portrait of Rick BolanderRick Bolander
Undercover Detective (uncredited)
Rick Bolander was:
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