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Los embarazados

Los embarazados

Release Date: 1982-03-29 (39 years ago)
José Luis López Vázquez
Rodopiano Soler
José Luis López Vázquez was:
Javier Escrivá
Eduardo Villa
Javier Escrivá was:
Ovidi Montllor
Ovidi Montllor was:
Antonio Garisa
Don Rogelio
Antonio Garisa was:
Mary Santpere
Madre de Jorge (as Mari Santpere)
Mary Santpere was:
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba
Ramón (as Emilio G. Caba)
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba was:
Francisco Cecilio
Productor 127
Francisco Cecilio was:
Pep Munné
Pep Munné was:
Emilio Laguna
El homosexual
Emilio Laguna was:
Josep Maria Angelat
Olano (as José Mª Angelat)
Josep Maria Angelat was:
Teresa Gimpera
Teresa Gimpera was:
Silvia Solar
Silvia Solar was:
Barbara Bentcley
Barbara Bentcley was:
Ana Roca
Ana Roca was:
Carles Lloret
Rafa (as Carlos Lloret)
Carles Lloret was:
Jazmine Venturini
Enfermera seguridad social (as Jasmyna Venturini)
Jazmine Venturini was:
Javier Garriga Prous
Carpio (as Javier Garriga)
Javier Garriga Prous was:
Ricardo Fernández Deu
Locutor televisivo
Ricardo Fernández Deu was:
Luis del Olmo
Luis del Olmo was:
Anna Castells
Profesora de gimnasia (as Ana Castells)
Anna Castells was:
Marta Molins
Mujer de Ramón
Marta Molins was:
Jordi Torras
Presidente de la junta
Jordi Torras was:
Ana Mercadé
Diputada de la izquierda
Ana Mercadé was:
Elisenda Ribas
Elisenda Ribas was:
Francisco Jarque
Marido de Gumersinda
Francisco Jarque was:
Alfred Lucchetti
Bernabé (as Alfred Luchetti)
Alfred Lucchetti was:
Manuel Bronchud
Vocal del comité
Manuel Bronchud was:
Berta Cabré
Enfermera morena (as Berta Singerman)
Berta Cabré was:
Fredy Ripers
Fredy Ripers was:
Carlos Martos
Carlos Martos was:
Nuria Mora
Enfermera rubia
Nuria Mora was:
María Jesús González
María Jesús González was:
Edualdo Macia
Don Nemesio
Edualdo Macia was:
Luis Andrés
Miembro de la junta
Luis Andrés was:
Florencio Calpe
Florencio Calpe was:
José Antonio Vilasaló
Gutiérrez (as J.A. Vilasaló)
José Antonio Vilasaló was:
Aída Fernández
Aída Fernández was:
Jaime Bascu
Joven alto de la cola (uncredited)
Jaime Bascu was:
José Cegarra
Hombre en Congreso de los Diputados (uncredited)
José Cegarra was:
Esteban Dalmases
Miembro de la junta (uncredited)
Esteban Dalmases was:
Antonio Maroño
Gómez (uncredited)
Antonio Maroño was:
Daniel Medrán
Fotógrafo del periódico (uncredited)
Daniel Medrán was:
Anjo Salom
Vendedor de anticonceptivos (uncredited)
Anjo Salom was:
Antonio Sarrá
Farmacéutico (uncredited)
Antonio Sarrá was:
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