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Poster of The Human Factor

The Human Factor

Release Date: Tuesday, December 18 1979 (43 years ago)
Portrait of Nicol WilliamsonNicol Williamson
Maurice Castle
Nicol Williamson was:
Portrait of Richard AttenboroughRichard Attenborough
Colonel John Daintry
Richard Attenborough was:
Portrait of Derek JacobiDerek Jacobi
Arthur Davis
Derek Jacobi was:
Portrait of John GielgudJohn Gielgud
Brigadier Tomlinson
John Gielgud was:
Portrait of ImanIman
Iman was:
Portrait of Joop DodererJoop Doderer
Cornelius Muller
Joop Doderer was:
Portrait of Robert MorleyRobert Morley
Doctor Percival
Robert Morley was:
Portrait of Ann ToddAnn Todd
Castle's Mother
Ann Todd was:
Portrait of Anthony WoodruffAnthony Woodruff
Dr Barker
Anthony Woodruff was:
Portrait of Keith MarshKeith Marsh
Keith Marsh was:
Portrait of Gary ForbesGary Forbes
Gary Forbes was:
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Lady Mary Hargreaves
Angela Thorne was:
Portrait of Tony HaygarthTony Haygarth
Tony Haygarth was:
Portrait of Cyd HaymanCyd Hayman
Cyd Hayman was:
Portrait of Paul SeedPaul Seed
Shop Assistant
Paul Seed was:
Portrait of Ken JonesKen Jones
Ken Jones was:
Portrait of Fiona FullertonFiona Fullerton
Fiona Fullerton was:
Portrait of Tony VogelTony Vogel
Matthew Connolly
Tony Vogel was:
Portrait of Martin BensonMartin Benson
Martin Benson was:
Portrait of Adrienne CorriAdrienne Corri
Adrienne Corri was:
Portrait of Edward DentithEdward Dentith
Edward Dentith was:
Portrait of Marianne StoneMarianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Portrait of Giles WatlingGiles Watling
Giles Watling was:
Portrait of Frank WilliamsFrank Williams
Frank Williams was:
Portrait of Tom ChattoTom Chatto
Gen. Phillips
Tom Chatto was:
Portrait of Sean CaffreySean Caffrey
Sean Caffrey was:
Portrait of Clifford EarlClifford Earl
Clifford Earl was:
Portrait of Sylvia ColeridgeSylvia Coleridge
Mrs Halliday
Sylvia Coleridge was:
Portrait of Denys HawthorneDenys Hawthorne
Insp. Butler
Denys Hawthorne was:
Portrait of Glenna Forster-JonesGlenna Forster-Jones
Black Prostitute
Glenna Forster-Jones was:
Portrait of Morris PerryMorris Perry
Morris Perry was:
Portrait of Richard VernonRichard Vernon
Sir John Hargreaves
Richard Vernon was:
Portrait of Walter HindsWalter Hinds
Van Donck
Walter Hinds was:
Portrait of Philip ChegePhilip Chege
Black Man
Philip Chege was:
Portrait of Norbert OkareNorbert Okare
Norbert Okare was:
Portrait of Vicky UdallVicky Udall
Castle's Secretary
Vicky Udall was:
Portrait of Brian EpsonBrian Epson
Brian Epson was:
Portrait of Leon GreeneLeon Greene
Tall Man
Leon Greene was:
Portrait of Robert DorningRobert Dorning
Robert Dorning was:
Portrait of Patrick O'ConnellPatrick O'Connell
Patrick O'Connell was:
Portrait of Raewyn BladeRaewyn Blade
Raewyn Blade was:
Portrait of Boris IsarovBoris Isarov
Boris Isarov was:
Portrait of Paul CurranPaul Curran
Paul Curran was:
Portrait of Chantal GrayChantal Gray
Chantal Gray was:
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