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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Silent Hours

Silent Hours

Release Date: Friday, October 8 2021 (1 year ago)
Portrait of James Weber BrownJames Weber Brown
John Duval
James Weber Brown was:
Portrait of Indira VarmaIndira Varma
Dr. Catherine Benson
Indira Varma was:
Portrait of Dervla KirwanDervla Kirwan
DI Jane Ambrose
Dervla Kirwan was:
Portrait of Annie CooperAnnie Cooper
Tobi Wright
Annie Cooper was:
Portrait of Hugh BonnevilleHugh Bonneville
Commander William Calthorpe
Hugh Bonneville was:
Portrait of Tom BeardTom Beard
Mr. Bowles
Tom Beard was:
Portrait of Susie AmySusie Amy
Rosemary Calthorpe
Susie Amy was:
Portrait of Alistair PetrieAlistair Petrie
Lieutenant Charles 'Chuck' Carter
Alistair Petrie was:
Portrait of Elizabeth HealeyElizabeth Healey
Rachel Garvie
Elizabeth Healey was:
Portrait of Vicki MichelleVicki Michelle
Mary Woodward
Vicki Michelle was:
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Mrs. Garvie
Angela Thorne was:
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