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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Lassie


Release Date: Friday, December 16 2005 (17 years ago)
Portrait of Peter O'ToolePeter O'Toole
The Duke
Peter O'Toole was:
Portrait of Samantha MortonSamantha Morton
Sarah Carraclough
Samantha Morton was:
Portrait of John LynchJohn Lynch
Sam Carraclough
John Lynch was:
Portrait of Peter DinklagePeter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage was:
Portrait of Hester OdgersHester Odgers
Hester Odgers was:
Portrait of Celyn JonesCelyn Jones
Celyn Jones was:
Portrait of Gerry O'BrienGerry O'Brien
Gerry O'Brien was:
Portrait of Steve PembertonSteve Pemberton
Steve Pemberton was:
Portrait of Eamonn HuntEamonn Hunt
Alf Patterson
Eamonn Hunt was:
Portrait of Edward FoxEdward Fox
Edward Fox was:
Portrait of John StandingJohn Standing
John Standing was:
Portrait of Gregor FisherGregor Fisher
Gregor Fisher was:
Portrait of Brian PettiferBrian Pettifer
Brian Pettifer was:
Portrait of Jamie LeeJamie Lee
Jamie Lee was:
Portrait of Kelly MacdonaldKelly Macdonald
Kelly Macdonald was:
Portrait of Jemma RedgraveJemma Redgrave
Jemma Redgrave was:
Portrait of Robert HardyRobert Hardy
Judge Murray
Robert Hardy was:
Portrait of Nicholas LyndhurstNicholas Lyndhurst
Nicholas Lyndhurst was:
Portrait of Finlay WelshFinlay Welsh
Scottish Policeman
Finlay Welsh was:
Portrait of Gabrielle LloydGabrielle Lloyd
Miss Branson
Gabrielle Lloyd was:
Portrait of Susie LambeSusie Lambe
Susie Lambe was:
Portrait of Ken DruryKen Drury
Ken Drury was:
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Dr. Gull
Angela Thorne was:
Portrait of Peter HallidayPeter Halliday
Peter Halliday was:
Portrait of Peter WightPeter Wight
Dr. Jarrett
Peter Wight was:
Portrait of Ian MercerIan Mercer
Yorkshire Policeman
Ian Mercer was:
Portrait of Jim RocheJim Roche
Jim Roche was:
Portrait of Jonathan MasonJonathan Mason
Joe Carraclough
Jonathan Mason was:
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