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Poster of Lady Oscar

Lady Oscar

Release Date: Saturday, March 3 1979 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Catriona MacCollCatriona MacColl
Oscar François de Jarjayes
Catriona MacColl was:
Portrait of Barry StokesBarry Stokes
André Grandier
Barry Stokes was:
Portrait of Jonas BergströmJonas Bergström
Hans Axel von Fersen
Jonas Bergström was:
Portrait of Christine BöhmChristine Böhm
Marie Antoinette
Christine Böhm was:
Portrait of Terence BuddTerence Budd
Louis XVI
Terence Budd was:
Portrait of Patsy KensitPatsy Kensit
young Oscar François de Jarjayes
Patsy Kensit was:
Portrait of Mark KingstonMark Kingston
Général de Jarjayes
Mark Kingston was:
Portrait of Georges WilsonGeorges Wilson
M. de Bouillé, French Guard General
Georges Wilson was:
Portrait of Martin PotterMartin Potter
Comte de Giraudet, Oscar's Fiancé
Martin Potter was:
Portrait of Sue LloydSue Lloyd
Comtesse Gabrielle de Polignac
Sue Lloyd was:
Portrait of Anouska HempelAnouska Hempel
Jeanne Vallois / Jeanne de la Motte
Anouska Hempel was:
Portrait of Mike MarshallMike Marshall
Nicolas de la Motte
Mike Marshall was:
Portrait of Christopher EllisonChristopher Ellison
Maximilien de Robespierre
Christopher Ellison was:
Portrait of Constance ChapmanConstance Chapman
La nourrice
Constance Chapman was:
Portrait of Gregory FloyGregory Floy
Cardinal de Rohan
Gregory Floy was:
Portrait of Shelagh McLeodShelagh McLeod
Rosalie Vallois
Shelagh McLeod was:
Portrait of Michael OsborneMichael Osborne
Bernard Chatelet, Rosalie's Lover
Michael Osborne was:
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Mme Bertin, the Queen's Dressmaker
Angela Thorne was:
Portrait of Paul SpurrierPaul Spurrier
Louis Joseph
Paul Spurrier was:
Portrait of Rose Mary DunhamRose Mary Dunham
Marquise de Boulainvilliers
Rose Mary Dunham was:
Portrait of Patrick AllenPatrick Allen
Patrick Allen was:
Portrait of Nicholas AmerNicholas Amer
M. De Chantilly, the pistol duelist
Nicholas Amer was:
Portrait of Jean BoisseryJean Boissery
Le soldat qui tend le pamphlet
Jean Boissery was:
Portrait of Armelle BonnotArmelle Bonnot
La suivante de la Reine
Armelle Bonnot was:
Portrait of François BrincourtFrançois Brincourt
François Brincourt was:
Portrait of Andrew BagleyAndrew Bagley
André as a child
Andrew Bagley was:
Portrait of Michèle CahierMichèle Cahier
Une couturière
Michèle Cahier was:
Portrait of Patrick FloersheimPatrick Floersheim
Oscar's sword adversaire in tavern
Patrick Floersheim was:
Portrait of David GabisonDavid Gabison
David Gabison was:
Portrait of Steve GadlerSteve Gadler
Un soldat insolent
Steve Gadler was:
Portrait of Gary GranvilleGary Granville
Gary Granville was:
Portrait of Vincent GrassVincent Grass
Un soldat insolent
Vincent Grass was:
Portrait of Consuelo De HavilandConsuelo De Haviland
Oscar's pair at the Black Ball
Consuelo De Haviland was:
Portrait of Jeffrey KimeJeffrey Kime
L'importun au bal royal
Jeffrey Kime was:
Portrait of Caroline LoebCaroline Loeb
Caroline Loeb was:
Portrait of Claire MaubertClaire Maubert
Claire Maubert was:
Portrait of Jacques MauryJacques Maury
Le baron de Breteuil
Jacques Maury was:
Portrait of Timothy MorandTimothy Morand
Un ivrogne
Timothy Morand was:
Portrait of Mario PecqueurMario Pecqueur
Mario Pecqueur was:
Portrait of Michael PetrovitchMichael Petrovitch
Charles-Alexandre de Calonne
Michael Petrovitch was:
Portrait of Dane PorretDane Porret
M. Léonard, le coiffeur
Dane Porret was:
Portrait of John Charles SabainJohn Charles Sabain
John Charles Sabain was:
Portrait of James SchumanJames Schuman
James Schuman was:
Portrait of John TordoffJohn Tordoff
John Tordoff was:
Portrait of Denis TrindlerDenis Trindler
Denis Trindler was:
Portrait of Dominique VardaDominique Varda
Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun
Dominique Varda was:
Portrait of Monique VermeerMonique Vermeer
Monique Vermeer was:
Portrait of Robin WhitecrossRobin Whitecross
Une couturière
Robin Whitecross was:
Portrait of Sandy WhitelawSandy Whitelaw
Un invité au bal noir
Sandy Whitelaw was:
Portrait of Lambert WilsonLambert Wilson
Un soldat insolent
Lambert Wilson was:
Portrait of Sylvia ZerbibSylvia Zerbib
Une couturière
Sylvia Zerbib was:
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