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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Bullshot


Release Date: Thursday, October 27 1983 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Alan ShearmanAlan Shearman
Capt. Hugh (Bullshot) Crummond
Alan Shearman was:
Portrait of Diz WhiteDiz White
Rosemary Fenton
Diz White was:
Portrait of Ronald E. HouseRonald E. House
Count Otto van Bruno
Ronald E. House was:
Portrait of Frances TomeltyFrances Tomelty
Fräulein Lenya von Bruno
Frances Tomelty was:
Portrait of Mel SmithMel Smith
Mel Smith was:
Portrait of Michael AldridgeMichael Aldridge
Prof. Rupert Fenton
Michael Aldridge was:
Portrait of Christopher GoodChristopher Good
Lord Binky Brancaster
Christopher Good was:
Portrait of Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly
Hawkeye McGillicuddy
Billy Connolly was:
Portrait of Geoffrey BayldonGeoffrey Bayldon
Col. Hinchcliff
Geoffrey Bayldon was:
Portrait of Ron PemberRon Pember
Ron Pember was:
Portrait of Angela ThorneAngela Thorne
Hotel Manageress
Angela Thorne was:
Portrait of Peter BaylissPeter Bayliss
Chairman of the Institute
Peter Bayliss was:
Portrait of Nicholas LyndhurstNicholas Lyndhurst
Nobby Clark
Nicholas Lyndhurst was:
Portrait of Bryan PringleBryan Pringle
Bryan Pringle was:
Portrait of Bryan PringleBryan Pringle
Bryan Pringle was:
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