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Poster of The Lady with a Lamp

The Lady with a Lamp

Release Date: 1951-09-22 (70 years ago)
Portrait of Anna NeagleAnna Neagle
Florence Nightingale
Anna Neagle was:
Portrait of Michael WildingMichael Wilding
Sidney Herbert (Lord Herbert of Lea)
Michael Wilding was:
Portrait of Gladys YoungGladys Young
Mrs. Bracebridge
Gladys Young was:
Portrait of Felix AylmerFelix Aylmer
Lord Palmerston
Felix Aylmer was:
Portrait of Julian D'AlbieJulian D'Albie
Mr. Bracebridge
Julian D'Albie was:
Portrait of Edwin StylesEdwin Styles
Mr. Nightingale
Edwin Styles was:
Portrait of Helen ShinglerHelen Shingler
Parthenope Nightingale
Helen Shingler was:
Portrait of Rosalie CrutchleyRosalie Crutchley
Mrs. Sidney Herbert
Rosalie Crutchley was:
Portrait of Maureen PryorMaureen Pryor
Sister Wheeler
Maureen Pryor was:
Portrait of Mary MackenzieMary Mackenzie
Nurse Johnson
Mary Mackenzie was:
Portrait of Henry EdwardsHenry Edwards
Howard Russell
Henry Edwards was:
Portrait of Andrew OsbornAndrew Osborn
Dr. Sutherland
Andrew Osborn was:
Portrait of Clement McCallinClement McCallin
Richard M. Milnes
Clement McCallin was:
Portrait of Helena PickardHelena Pickard
Queen Victoria
Helena Pickard was:
Portrait of Arthur YoungArthur Young
Rt. Hon. William Gladstone
Arthur Young was:
Portrait of Peter GravesPeter Graves
Prince Albert
Peter Graves was:
Portrait of Sybil ThorndikeSybil Thorndike
Miss Bosanquet
Sybil Thorndike was:
Portrait of Monckton HoffeMonckton Hoffe
Lord Stratford
Monckton Hoffe was:
Portrait of Cecil TrouncerCecil Trouncer
Sir Douglass Dawson
Cecil Trouncer was:
Portrait of Barbara CouperBarbara Couper
Mrs. Nightingale
Barbara Couper was:
Portrait of Colin GordonColin Gordon
Colin Gordon was:
Portrait of Gordon JacksonGordon Jackson
Dr. Anson
Gordon Jackson was:
Portrait of Charles CarsonCharles Carson
Charles Carson was:
Portrait of Leslie WestonLeslie Weston
Leslie Weston was:
Portrait of Nigel StockNigel Stock
George Winch
Nigel Stock was:
Portrait of Michael BrennanMichael Brennan
Michael Brennan was:
Portrait of Edie MartinEdie Martin
Edie Martin was:
Portrait of Peter HobbesPeter Hobbes
Peter Hobbes was:
Portrait of Liam GaffneyLiam Gaffney
Liam Gaffney was:
Portrait of Ann CodringtonAnn Codrington
Ann Codrington was:
Portrait of Betty CooperBetty Cooper
Betty Cooper was:
Portrait of Edward LexyEdward Lexy
Edward Lexy was:
Portrait of John VereJohn Vere
John Vere was:
Portrait of Olive Bonham-CarterOlive Bonham-Carter
Olive Bonham-Carter was:
Portrait of Basil DignamBasil Dignam
Basil Dignam was:
Portrait of Florence Nightingale AllebeuryFlorence Nightingale Allebeury
Florence Nightingale Allebeury was:
Portrait of Madge BrindleyMadge Brindley
Woman in Downing St. Crowd
Madge Brindley was:
Portrait of Michael CraigMichael Craig
Wounded Soldier
Michael Craig was:
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