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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Release Date: 1938-01-01 (84 years ago)
Portrait of Allan JeayesAllan Jeayes
Mr. Bennet
Allan Jeayes was:
Portrait of Barbara EverestBarbara Everest
Mrs. Bennet
Barbara Everest was:
Portrait of Antoinette CellierAntoinette Cellier
Jane Bennet
Antoinette Cellier was:
Portrait of Curigwen LewisCurigwen Lewis
Elizabeth Bennet
Curigwen Lewis was:
Portrait of Eileen ErskineEileen Erskine
Lydia Bennet
Eileen Erskine was:
Portrait of Lewis StringerLewis Stringer
Charles Bingley
Lewis Stringer was:
Portrait of Andrew OsbornAndrew Osborn
Mr. Darcy
Andrew Osborn was:
Portrait of Catherine SalkeldCatherine Salkeld
Caroline Bingley
Catherine Salkeld was:
Portrait of Helen HorseyHelen Horsey
Charlotte Lucas
Helen Horsey was:
Portrait of Patrick GoverPatrick Gover
Mr. Collins
Patrick Gover was:
Portrait of Dorothy GreenDorothy Green
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Dorothy Green was:
Portrait of Mervyn JohnsMervyn Johns
Sir Willian Lucas
Mervyn Johns was:
Portrait of André MorellAndré Morell
Mr. Wickham
André Morell was:
Portrait of Richard GilbertRichard Gilbert
Mr. Denny
Richard Gilbert was:
Portrait of Bettina SternBettina Stern
Bettina Stern was:
Portrait of John WhitingJohn Whiting
Servant / Organ Grinder / Apothecary
John Whiting was:
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