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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Trollenberg Terror

The Trollenberg Terror

Release Date: 1958-07-07 (63 years ago)
Portrait of Forrest TuckerForrest Tucker
Alan Brooks
Forrest Tucker was:
Portrait of Jennifer JayneJennifer Jayne
Sarah Pilgrim
Jennifer Jayne was:
Portrait of Janet MunroJanet Munro
Anne Pilgrim
Janet Munro was:
Portrait of Laurence PayneLaurence Payne
Philip Truscott
Laurence Payne was:
Portrait of Warren MitchellWarren Mitchell
Prof. Crevett
Warren Mitchell was:
Portrait of Frederick SchillerFrederick Schiller
Mayor Klein
Frederick Schiller was:
Portrait of Colin DouglasColin Douglas
Colin Douglas was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of Stuart SaundersStuart Saunders
Stuart Saunders was:
Portrait of Derek SydneyDerek Sydney
Derek Sydney was:
Portrait of Richard GoldingRichard Golding
First Villager
Richard Golding was:
Portrait of George HerbertGeorge Herbert
Second Villager
George Herbert was:
Portrait of Jeremy LonghurstJeremy Longhurst
First Student Climber
Jeremy Longhurst was:
Portrait of Anthony ParkerAnthony Parker
Second Student Climber
Anthony Parker was:
Portrait of Anne SharpAnne Sharp
The Mother
Anne Sharp was:
Portrait of Caroline GlazerCaroline Glazer
The Child
Caroline Glazer was:
Portrait of Theodore WilhelmTheodore Wilhelm
Theodore Wilhelm was:
Portrait of Jack TaylorJack Taylor
Voice of Beheaded Climber Jim
Jack Taylor was:
Portrait of Leslie HeritageLeslie Heritage
Leslie Heritage was:
Portrait of Garard GreenGarard Green
Garard Green was:
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