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Poster of The One Eyed Soldiers

The One Eyed Soldiers

Release Date: 1966-01-01 (56 years ago)
Portrait of Dale RobertsonDale Robertson
Richard Owen
Dale Robertson was:
Portrait of Luciana PaluzziLuciana Paluzzi
Gava Berens
Luciana Paluzzi was:
Portrait of Guy DeghyGuy Deghy
Harold Schmidt / Zavo
Guy Deghy was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Colonel Ferrer
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of Mile AvramovićMile Avramović
Antonio Caporelli - the Dwarf
Mile Avramović was:
Portrait of Mirko BomanMirko Boman
The Mute
Mirko Boman was:
Portrait of Božidar DrnićBožidar Drnić
Dr. Charles Berens
Božidar Drnić was:
Portrait of Dušan TadićDušan Tadić
III Bandit
Dušan Tadić was:
Portrait of Milan BosiljčićMilan Bosiljčić
Waiter on Train
Milan Bosiljčić was:
Portrait of Dragan NikolićDragan Nikolić
Dragan Nikolić was:
Portrait of Zvonko JovčićZvonko Jovčić
Police Sergeant
Zvonko Jovčić was:
Portrait of Slavoljub Plavšić 'Zvonce'Slavoljub Plavšić 'Zvonce'
Slavoljub Plavšić 'Zvonce' was:
Portrait of Predrag MilinkovićPredrag Milinković
Cab Driver
Predrag Milinković was:
Portrait of Milutin MirkovićMilutin Mirković
Milutin Mirković was:
Portrait of Tullio AltamuraTullio Altamura
Henchman (uncredited)
Tullio Altamura was:
Portrait of Calisto CalistiCalisto Calisti
Henchman (uncredited)
Calisto Calisti was:
Portrait of Piero GerliniPiero Gerlini
Cop (uncredited)
Piero Gerlini was:
Portrait of Mario LanfranchiMario Lanfranchi
Henchman (uncredited)
Mario Lanfranchi was:
Portrait of Duško StevanovićDuško Stevanović
Man (uncredited)
Duško Stevanović was:
Portrait of Mirko ValentinMirko Valentin
Henchman (uncredited)
Mirko Valentin was:
Portrait of Petar ŽivkovićPetar Živković
Officer (uncredited)
Petar Živković was:
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