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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Payroll


Release Date: 1961-01-01 (61 years ago)
Portrait of Michael CraigMichael Craig
Johnny Mellors
Michael Craig was:
Portrait of Françoise PrévostFrançoise Prévost
Katie Pearson
Françoise Prévost was:
Portrait of Billie WhitelawBillie Whitelaw
Jackie Parker
Billie Whitelaw was:
Portrait of William LucasWilliam Lucas
Dennis Pearson
William Lucas was:
Portrait of Kenneth GriffithKenneth Griffith
Kenneth Griffith was:
Portrait of Tom BellTom Bell
Tom Bell was:
Portrait of Barry KeeganBarry Keegan
Bert Langridge
Barry Keegan was:
Portrait of Edward CastEdward Cast
Detective Sergeant Bradden
Edward Cast was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Detective Inspector Carberry
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of William DexterWilliam Dexter
Harry Parker
William Dexter was:
Portrait of Glyn HoustonGlyn Houston
Frank Moore
Glyn Houston was:
Portrait of Joan RiceJoan Rice
Madge Moore
Joan Rice was:
Portrait of Vanda GodsellVanda Godsell
Vanda Godsell was:
Portrait of Stanley MeadowsStanley Meadows
Stanley Meadows was:
Portrait of Hugh MortonHugh Morton
Mr. John
Hugh Morton was:
Portrait of Keith FaulknerKeith Faulkner
Keith Faulkner was:
Portrait of Bruce BeebyBruce Beeby
Bruce Beeby was:
Portrait of Murray EvansMurray Evans
Murray Evans was:
Portrait of Kevin BennettKevin Bennett
Archie Murdock
Kevin Bennett was:
Portrait of Pauline ShepherdPauline Shepherd
Pauline Shepherd was:
Portrait of Meadows WhiteMeadows White
Meadows White was:
Portrait of Mary Laura WoodMary Laura Wood
Mrs. Murdock
Mary Laura Wood was:
Portrait of Brian McDermottBrian McDermott
Brian McDermott was:
Portrait of Paddi EdwardsPaddi Edwards
Paddi Edwards was:
Portrait of Anthony BateAnthony Bate
Detective (uncredited)
Anthony Bate was:
Portrait of Anita Sharp-BolsterAnita Sharp-Bolster
Landlady (uncredited)
Anita Sharp-Bolster was:
Portrait of Terence SoallTerence Soall
Terence Soall was:
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