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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Matter of WHO

A Matter of WHO

Release Date: 1961-10-03 (60 years ago)
Portrait of Terry-ThomasTerry-Thomas
Archibald Bannister
Terry-Thomas was:
Portrait of Sonja ZiemannSonja Ziemann
Michele Cooper
Sonja Ziemann was:
Portrait of Alex NicolAlex Nicol
Edward Kennedy
Alex Nicol was:
Portrait of Richard BriersRichard Briers
Richard Briers was:
Portrait of Honor BlackmanHonor Blackman
Sister Sheila Bryan
Honor Blackman was:
Portrait of Guy DeghyGuy Deghy
Nick Ivanovitch
Guy Deghy was:
Portrait of Carol WhiteCarol White
Carol White was:
Portrait of Clive MortonClive Morton
Clive Morton was:
Portrait of Geoffrey KeenGeoffrey Keen
Geoffrey Keen was:
Portrait of Martin BensonMartin Benson
Martin Benson was:
Portrait of Eduard LinkersEduard Linkers
Eduard Linkers was:
Portrait of Vincent BallVincent Ball
Dr. Blake
Vincent Ball was:
Portrait of Michael RipperMichael Ripper
Yacht Skipper
Michael Ripper was:
Portrait of Cyril WheelerCyril Wheeler
Stephen Cooper
Cyril Wheeler was:
Portrait of Andrew FauldsAndrew Faulds
Andrew Faulds was:
Portrait of George CormackGeorge Cormack
George Cormack was:
Portrait of Bruce BeebyBruce Beeby
Capt. Brook
Bruce Beeby was:
Portrait of Julie AlexanderJulie Alexander
Julie Alexander was:
Portrait of MeekahMeekah
The Chimp
Meekah was:
Portrait of Barbara HicksBarbara Hicks
Margery (uncredited)
Barbara Hicks was:
Portrait of Jacqueline JonesJacqueline Jones
Miss Forsythe (uncredited)
Jacqueline Jones was:
Portrait of Hyma BeckleyHyma Beckley
Party Guest (uncredited)
Hyma Beckley was:
Portrait of Roland BrandRoland Brand
US Sergeant (uncredited)
Roland Brand was:
Portrait of Claire CollinsClaire Collins
Blonde Girl (uncredited)
Claire Collins was:
Portrait of Victor HarringtonVictor Harrington
Airline Passenger (uncredited)
Victor Harrington was:
Portrait of Chulam MohammedChulam Mohammed
Attaché (uncredited)
Chulam Mohammed was:
Portrait of Gwenda EwenGwenda Ewen
Gwenda Ewen was:
Portrait of Pat RobertsPat Roberts
Pat Roberts was:
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