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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Down Where the Buffalo Go

Down Where the Buffalo Go

Release Date: 1988-01-19 (33 years ago)
Harvey Keitel
Harvey Keitel was:
Andrew Byatt
Andrew Byatt was:
Stella Gonet
Stella Gonet was:
David Lansbury
David Lansbury was:
Katherine Stark
Katherine Stark was:
Jenny McCrindle
Jenny McCrindle was:
Hugh Martin
Willie and Rachel's Father
Hugh Martin was:
Lesley Jackson
Lesley Jackson was:
Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson was:
Bill Barclay
Bill Barclay was:
Alex McAvoy
Trinkle Kid
Alex McAvoy was:
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle was:
Ron Donachie
J.D. (Man on Ferry)
Ron Donachie was:
Maggie Bell
Club Singer
Maggie Bell was:
Andy Lucas
Shore Patrolman #1
Andy Lucas was:
Jake Hilder
Shore Patrolman #2
Jake Hilder was:
Brad Powell
AWOL Boy #1
Brad Powell was:
Tony Demmuchi
AWOL Boy #2
Tony Demmuchi was:
James Twaddle
Man at Pier #1
James Twaddle was:
Tam Dean Burn
Man at Pier #2
Tam Dean Burn was:
Joe Mullaney
Silent Whistler
Joe Mullaney was:
Paul Birchard
Sailor Singer
Paul Birchard was:
Martin Muchan
Jake (Bar Boss)
Martin Muchan was:
Iain McColl
Iain McColl was:
Stewart Porter
Stewart Porter was:
Laurie Ventry
Two Bob Mob Guy
Laurie Ventry was:
Steve Owen
Steve Owen was:
Jennifer Watson
Little Shop Girl
Jennifer Watson was:
David Crean
Big Sailor
David Crean was:
Morag Fullarton
Cake Face
Morag Fullarton was:
Anne McCredie
Girl #1
Anne McCredie was:
Monica Brady
Girl #2
Monica Brady was:
Brian Wallace
Sailor #1
Brian Wallace was:
Brian Callaghan
Sailor #2
Brian Callaghan was:
Leonard O'Malley
Boy on Bus
Leonard O'Malley was:
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