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Poster of Night of the Pencils

Night of the Pencils

Release Date: Thursday, September 4 1986 (36 years ago)
Portrait of Alejo Garcia PintosAlejo Garcia Pintos
Alejo Garcia Pintos was:
Portrait of Vita EscardóVita Escardó
Vita Escardó was:
Portrait of Pablo NovakPablo Novak
Horacio (as Pablo Novarro)
Pablo Novak was:
Portrait of Leonardo SbaragliaLeonardo Sbaraglia
Leonardo Sbaraglia was:
Portrait of José María MonjeJosé María Monje
Panchito (as José Ma. Monje Berbel)
José María Monje was:
Portrait of Pablo MachadoPablo Machado
Pablo Machado was:
Portrait of Adriana SaloniaAdriana Salonia
María Clara
Adriana Salonia was:
Portrait of David GerberDavid Gerber
David Gerber was:
Portrait of Marcelo SerreMarcelo Serre
Marcelo Serre was:
Portrait of Walter PeñaWalter Peña
Carozo Schunk
Walter Peña was:
Portrait of Daniel San JoaquínDaniel San Joaquín
Daniel San Joaquín was:
Portrait of Demián CelentanoDemián Celentano
Demián Celentano was:
Portrait of Mariana CedonMariana Cedon
Luisa Pisani (as Mariana Cedrón)
Mariana Cedon was:
Portrait of Diego KorolDiego Korol
Diego Korol was:
Portrait of Gustavo TieffenbergGustavo Tieffenberg
Delegado asamblea 1 (as Gustavo Tiffemberg)
Gustavo Tieffenberg was:
Portrait of María Celina BediniMaría Celina Bedini
Delegado asamblea 2
María Celina Bedini was:
Portrait of Carlos LazzariniCarlos Lazzarini
Delegado asamblea 3
Carlos Lazzarini was:
Portrait of Cecilia LiébanaCecilia Liébana
Delegado asamblea 4
Cecilia Liébana was:
Portrait of Ana CelentanoAna Celentano
Delegado asamblea 5
Ana Celentano was:
Portrait of Gabriel MeyerGabriel Meyer
Delegado asamblea 6
Gabriel Meyer was:
Portrait of Jorge MastropietroJorge Mastropietro
Delegado asamblea 7
Jorge Mastropietro was:
Portrait of Matías RuizMatías Ruiz
Estudiante primer año 1
Matías Ruiz was:
Portrait of Matías ColeffMatías Coleff
Estudiante primer año 2
Matías Coleff was:
Portrait of Tina SerranoTina Serrano
Nelva de Falcone
Tina Serrano was:
Portrait of Héctor BidondeHéctor Bidonde
Doctor Falcone
Héctor Bidonde was:
Portrait of Esteban StudentEsteban Student
Jorge Falcone
Esteban Student was:
Portrait of Angela RagnoAngela Ragno
Olga de Ungaro
Angela Ragno was:
Portrait of Maruja PibernatMaruja Pibernat
Tía Rosa
Maruja Pibernat was:
Portrait of Mario RollaMario Rolla
Benito Díaz
Mario Rolla was:
Portrait of Pochi DucassePochi Ducasse
Hedda de Díaz
Pochi Ducasse was:
Portrait of Guillermina SelayGuillermina Selay
Marisa Díaz
Guillermina Selay was:
Portrait of Alejandro GalluccioAlejandro Galluccio
Daniel Díaz
Alejandro Galluccio was:
Portrait of Juan Manuel TenutaJuan Manuel Tenuta
Rector 'La Legión'
Juan Manuel Tenuta was:
Portrait of Fernanda DiazFernanda Diaz
Profesora 'Bellas Artes'
Fernanda Diaz was:
Portrait of Felisa RochaFelisa Rocha
Profesora de inglés
Felisa Rocha was:
Portrait of Héctor EzcurraHéctor Ezcurra
Rector Colegio Nacional
Héctor Ezcurra was:
Portrait of Hebe VardinoHebe Vardino
Profesora Colegio Normal
Hebe Vardino was:
Portrait of Enrique RiestraEnrique Riestra
Policía de civil 1
Enrique Riestra was:
Portrait of Juan PalominoJuan Palomino
Policía uniformado 1
Juan Palomino was:
Portrait of Fredy MagliaroFredy Magliaro
Policía uniformado 2
Fredy Magliaro was:
Portrait of Luis MincesLuis Minces
Luis Minces was:
Portrait of Guillermo Bravo SosaGuillermo Bravo Sosa
Guillermo Bravo Sosa was:
Portrait of Ricardo AlanisRicardo Alanis
Montonero (as Ricardo Alaniz)
Ricardo Alanis was:
Portrait of Alejandra SirlinAlejandra Sirlin
Alejandra Sirlin was:
Portrait of Octavio GasparOctavio Gaspar
Octavio Gaspar was:
Portrait of Carlos WeberCarlos Weber
Carlos Weber was:
Portrait of Miguel HabudMiguel Habud
Kung-Fu (as Miguel Ángel Habud)
Miguel Habud was:
Portrait of Alberto BusaidAlberto Busaid
Alberto Busaid was:
Portrait of Alfonso De GraziaAlfonso De Grazia
Falso cura
Alfonso De Grazia was:
Portrait of Néstor JorgeNéstor Jorge
Néstor Jorge was:
Portrait of Ricardo IbarlinRicardo Ibarlin
Ricardo Ibarlin was:
Portrait of María Nydia UrsiMaría Nydia Ursi
Eugenia (as María Nidia Ursi)
María Nydia Ursi was:
Portrait of Andrea BonelliAndrea Bonelli
Andrea Bonelli was:
Portrait of Manuel CallauManuel Callau
Manuel Callau was:
Portrait of Martín CoriaMartín Coria
El Negro
Martín Coria was:
Portrait of Miguel Ángel PorroMiguel Ángel Porro
Miguel Ángel Porro was:
Portrait of Lorenzo QuinterosLorenzo Quinteros
Lorenzo Quinteros was:
Portrait of José AndradaJosé Andrada
José Andrada was:
Portrait of Felipe MéndezFelipe Méndez
Felipe Méndez was:
Portrait of Miguel DedovichMiguel Dedovich
Teniente Coronel
Miguel Dedovich was:
Portrait of Ricardo FasanRicardo Fasan
Oficial comisaría
Ricardo Fasan was:
Portrait of Humberto SerranoHumberto Serrano
Supuesto capitán
Humberto Serrano was:
Portrait of Francisco CocuzzaFrancisco Cocuzza
Comisario jefatura (as Franco Cocuzza)
Francisco Cocuzza was:
Portrait of Juan Carlos GianuzziJuan Carlos Gianuzzi
Capitán regimiento
Juan Carlos Gianuzzi was:
Portrait of María José LópezMaría José López
Secretario del obispo
María José López was:
Portrait of Daniel KargiemanDaniel Kargieman
Cura arzobispado
Daniel Kargieman was:
Portrait of Isabel QuinterosIsabel Quinteros
Mujer humilde
Isabel Quinteros was:
Portrait of Rúbens CorreaRúbens Correa
Doctor Rossi
Rúbens Correa was:
Portrait of Pablo MorettiPablo Moretti
Funcionario en TV
Pablo Moretti was:
Portrait of Marcelo DemarchiMarcelo Demarchi
Periodista TV 1
Marcelo Demarchi was:
Portrait of Roxana BignascoRoxana Bignasco
Periodista TV 2
Roxana Bignasco was:
Portrait of Lucio RubinacciLucio Rubinacci
Locutor TV 1
Lucio Rubinacci was:
Portrait of Adolfo Vázquez GamboaAdolfo Vázquez Gamboa
Locutor TV 2
Adolfo Vázquez Gamboa was:
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