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Poster of High Class Affair

High Class Affair

Release Date: Thursday, May 9 1985 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Camila PerisséCamila Perissé
Camila Perissé was:
Portrait of Gerardo RomanoGerardo Romano
Gerardo Romano was:
Portrait of Raúl LaviéRaúl Lavié
Raúl Lavié was:
Portrait of Gigí RuáGigí Ruá
Gigí Ruá was:
Portrait of Edda BustamanteEdda Bustamante
Edda Bustamante was:
Portrait of Andrea BonelliAndrea Bonelli
Andrea Bonelli was:
Portrait of Stella Maris ClosasStella Maris Closas
Stella Maris Closas was:
Portrait of Alfonso De GraziaAlfonso De Grazia
Alfonso De Grazia was:
Portrait of Adolfo García GrauAdolfo García Grau
Adolfo García Grau was:
Portrait of Daniel LagoDaniel Lago
Daniel Lago was:
Portrait of Reina ReechReina Reech
Reina Reech was:
Portrait of Enrique LiporaceEnrique Liporace
Enrique Liporace was:
Portrait of Vicky OlivaresVicky Olivares
Vicky Olivares was:
Portrait of Héctor PellegriniHéctor Pellegrini
Héctor Pellegrini was:
Portrait of Mabel PessenMabel Pessen
Mabel Pessen was:
Portrait of Dorys PerryDorys Perry
Dorys Perry was:
Portrait of Marilyn OlivaresMarilyn Olivares
Marilyn Olivares was:
Portrait of Ana María RicciAna María Ricci
Ana María Ricci was:
Portrait of Miriam CopolaMiriam Copola
Miriam Copola was:
Portrait of Ricardo Castro RíosRicardo Castro Ríos
Ricardo Castro Ríos was:
Portrait of Jorge SassiJorge Sassi
Jorge Sassi was:
Portrait of Ernesto NoguésErnesto Nogués
Ernesto Nogués was:
Portrait of Alfredo QuesadaAlfredo Quesada
Alfredo Quesada was:
Portrait of Patricia BermudezPatricia Bermudez
Patricia Bermudez was:
Portrait of Omar AbdalaOmar Abdala
Omar Abdala was:
Portrait of Theodore McNabneyTheodore McNabney
Theodore McNabney was:
Portrait of Elvia AndreoliElvia Andreoli
Elvia Andreoli was:
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