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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline

Release Date: 2015-04-16 (6 years ago)
Blake Lively
Adaline Bowman
Blake Lively was:
Michiel Huisman
Ellis Jones
Michiel Huisman was:
Harrison Ford
William Jones
Harrison Ford was:
Ellen Burstyn
Ellen Burstyn was:
Kathy Baker
Kathy Jones
Kathy Baker was:
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew was:
Lynda Boyd
Lynda Boyd was:
Richard Harmon
Richard Harmon was:
Fulvio Cecere
Cab Driver
Fulvio Cecere was:
Anjali Jay
Anjali Jay was:
Hiro Kanagawa
Hiro Kanagawa was:
Peter J. Gray
Clarence James Prescott
Peter J. Gray was:
Izabel Pearce
Flemming (Age 5)
Izabel Pearce was:
Cate Richardson
Flemming (Age 20)
Cate Richardson was:
Jane Craven
Jane Craven was:
Noel Johansen
1950s Policeman
Noel Johansen was:
Aaron Craven
1950s FBI Agent
Aaron Craven was:
Primo Allon
1940s Officer #1
Primo Allon was:
Darren Dolynski
1940s Officer #2
Darren Dolynski was:
Chris William Martin
Dale Davenport
Chris William Martin was:
Mark Ghanimé
New Year's Eve Stranger
Mark Ghanimé was:
Shaker Paleja
Hotel Doorman
Shaker Paleja was:
Daniel Bacon
Boat Tunnel Guide
Daniel Bacon was:
Barclay Hope
Financial Advisor
Barclay Hope was:
Robert Moloney
1950s Financial Advisor
Robert Moloney was:
Lane Edwards
Lane Edwards was:
Hugh Ross
Hugh Ross was:
Toby Levins
Ellis Apartment Super
Toby Levins was:
Anthony Ingruber
Young William Jones
Anthony Ingruber was:
Keith McCafferty
1960s Hippie Photographer
Keith McCafferty was:
Serge Houde
Good Samaritan
Serge Houde was:
Alison Wandzura
Paramedic #1
Alison Wandzura was:
Demord Dann
Paramedic #2
Demord Dann was:
Grace Chin
E.R. Doctor
Grace Chin was:
Dee Jay Jackson
1960s Cab Driver
Dee Jay Jackson was:
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