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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2016-02-19 (5 years ago)
Stephan James
Jesse Owens
Stephan James was:
Jason Sudeikis
Larry Snyder
Jason Sudeikis was:
Carice van Houten
Leni Riefenstahl
Carice van Houten was:
Jeremy Irons
Avery Brundage
Jeremy Irons was:
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew was:
William Hurt
Jeremiah Mahoney
William Hurt was:
David Kross
Carl "Luz" Long
David Kross was:
Eli Goree
Dave Albritton
Eli Goree was:
Giacomo Gianniotti
Sam Stoller
Giacomo Gianniotti was:
Jonathan Aris
Arthur Lill
Jonathan Aris was:
Jon McLaren
Jon McLaren was:
Moe Jeudy-Lamour
Mel Walker
Moe Jeudy-Lamour was:
Shamier Anderson
Eulace Peacock
Shamier Anderson was:
Shanice Banton
Ruth Solomon
Shanice Banton was:
Tim McInnerny
General Charles
Tim McInnerny was:
Nina Lauren
Laurel Girl
Nina Lauren was:
Jesse Bostick
Ken Seitz
Jesse Bostick was:
Tim Post
Phil Diamond
Tim Post was:
Barnaby Metschurat
Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Barnaby Metschurat was:
Larry Day
Francis Schmidt
Larry Day was:
Arthur Holden
Rudolf Dassler
Arthur Holden was:
Karl Graboshas
Adolf Dassler
Karl Graboshas was:
Jeff Burrell
Radio Announcer
Jeff Burrell was:
Anthony Sherwood
Rev. Ernest Hall
Anthony Sherwood was:
Alexander Yassin
U.S. Olympic team
Alexander Yassin was:
Jonathan Higgins
Dean Cromwell
Jonathan Higgins was:
Jaa Smith-Johnson
Sylvester Owens
Jaa Smith-Johnson was:
Jeremy Ferdman
Marty Glickman
Jeremy Ferdman was:
Bruno Bruni Jr.
Hans Ertl
Bruno Bruni Jr. was:
Steffen Mennekes
Steffen Mennekes was:
Manuel Sinor
Franz Miller
Manuel Sinor was:
Chantel Riley
Quincella Nickerson
Chantel Riley was:
Daniel Harroch
Desk Clerk
Daniel Harroch was:
Marc Primeau
Fan of Jesse Owens
Marc Primeau was:
Dondre Octave
Ralph Metcalfe
Dondre Octave was:
Ricky Watson
Ricky Watson was:
Milo Larratt
Elevator Boy
Milo Larratt was:
Gaetan Normandin
Frank Wykoff
Gaetan Normandin was:
Julien Boissaud
German referee
Julien Boissaud was:
Andrea Carter
Local Girl
Andrea Carter was:
Nikoma T. Beermann
Nikoma T. Beermann was:
Francois Hugo Turgeon
Francois Hugo Turgeon was:
Karen Belfo
the Jewish Mother (uncredited)
Karen Belfo was:
Chris Theisinger
German Police Officer (uncredited)
Chris Theisinger was:
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